Friday, May 15, 2020

Alan Jones will retire but lefties will never quit sneering

We know the PC Left loves to silence people. And it's not just because their whole ideology is based on centralized, top-down control of the population. They also can't handle incisive criticism. In a fair and open contest of ideas that the punters get to witness, they're gonna get owned for sure -- and they know it. Most of the support for socialism would dry up if the normies got to see that the commisar had no clothes.
They can't admit that this is the reason, of course. So instead of dealing with counterarguments and at least attempting to refute them, they play the man, not the ball. They are forever demonizing their opponents, telling the masses: "Don't listen to him. He's a big bad meanie!"

That's what they've been shrieking about Alan Jones his entire career. The guy has been relentlessly dissecting their arguments, day in, day out. And all they can do is say he's a misogynist, a bully, or that he doesn't really believe what he's saying.

They say he runs a cult. But while there are millions of mostly older Aussies who are fiercely loyal to him, that's much more about him eloquently giving voice to their aspirations and frustrations than anything else.

He sees himself as their champion and they agree wholeheartedly that he is. 

Sure, he's got a big ego. And he charges like a wounded bull. But that doesn't mean he's not sincere.

Doctrinaire socialists show their own bigotry and snobbery by saying he brainwashes his listeners. Being totalitarian control freaks they believe people are incapable of individual thought. Instead, they must have narratives inserted into their empty heads from on high, via the MSM. If only they get to do that all will be fine and the world will be a utopia. But if eeevil conservatives like AJ are allowed to fill that void they'll indoctrinate their listeners into rejecting socialism. So they must be silenced if at all possible.

Just the fact that Jones is still on air makes them deeply anxious. So, they're overjoyed with the news that he's retiring from his radio commitments. Not only that, this development was seen as some kind of victory.

Imagine if a famous boxer expressed that kind of satisfaction when his nemesis bowed out? He would be instantly excoriated for being a bad sport. Any respect he'd earned would be lost instantly.

The Left can only "win" by cheating, or when their opponent retires. That's how piss-weak these cowardly losers are.

The wretched cranks who make up Sleeping Giants are so triggered by the thought of alternative points of view they spend most of their waking hours tryna get their opponents deplatformed.

In true narcissistic fashion, they even believe AJ's reason for retiring was all about them.

He's nearly 80, FFS! Not at all surprising that his doc said slow down ... And he's not quitting entirely. Just giving up the radio gig.

The very fact that he's kept up such an enormous work load all this time shows what a force of nature he is.

This dude is a leftie sports columnist. Notice the narcissism again.

His bitchy "victory" tweet reveals how much of a threat he perceives Jones to be. Just the fact that he's on air makes him queasy.

Still, while the tweet is mean-spirited, it employs more wit than any others from his fellow travellers that I could find. So, good effort, Greg!

Speaking of wit, you'd expect this guy to show some. He's a high profile "comedian", after all.

I remember him as being pretty funny when he was on commercial TV a coupla decades back.

But it looks like he's gone native since being with their ABC. And being a white male he's prolly trained himself to be extra-careful in obeying the grim dogmas of political correctness lest he be attacked by SJWs for wrongthink, ends up trending on Twitter, and has to undergo in-house "counselling" as a result.

Still, he's not an idiot. And he's slyly alluding to the COVID19 crisis, and the entirely manufactured MSM narrative about hero doctors and nurses. But I don't think he's being satirical. It's more likely a shout out to his fellow fake narrative peddlers along the lines of: "My, but we are so clever, aren't we, conning the normies so!" 

Nasty, thick and childish -- just what we've come to expect from The Chaser "boys" (now in their forties and fifties). And they have long been ABC regulars, natch. 

To be fair it's pretty impressive that Tom Ballard hasn't been thrown in comedy jail for murdering all those jokes.

Osman, like so many other insecure, entitled leftie tweeps, makes it all about him.

So funny that he complains about Jones' "racism" when he's prolly the most race obsessed dude on #Auspol Twitter.

If Jones had spoken just once about racial minorities in the way Osman regularly rails about whiteys then his career would've been nuked long ago.

And check out Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumber here. "Great minds", eh?

Well, at least they're keeping it simple (and stupid) ...

Jones does have a knack for triggering his enemies and making them do and say foolish things. He's a bit like Donald Trump in that regard.

Remember how the mattress company that used to advertise on Jones' massively popular show tried to exploit his controversial comments about Jacinda Ardern for right-on cool points, thereby smearing the very people they'd been tryna flog their product to?

Really stupid stuff. Should've quit while they were a bed!

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