Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hanson's burqa stunt revealed political establishment's disconnect from voters

Without a doubt Pauline Hanson did us all a great service the other day with her burqa stunt. Yes it was brutal. But it was also brutally effective. By provoking Brandis and other Government Senators into a grotesque orgy of virtue signalling with the muppets in Labor and the Greens it showed just how seriously disconnected the political establishment is from the values of mainstream Australia.

George Brandis sooking up about her disrespect for the misogynistic garment (and thereby Islam itself) was much like Piers Morgan ordering Tommy Robinson to respect the Koran. Just afterwards George and his erstwhile opponents who applauded him probably thought their impassioned display of cultural sensitivity would persuade the plebs to their way of thinking (or rather, feeling).

IMHO it did the complete opposite. Brandis showed that he'd been swallowed by the monster called political correctness. He was now just another one of the Islamists' bitches. (Sure, we already knew that about the Greens and Labor. But for Brandis, who'd previously cast himself as a warrior for Western values and free speech, this was a revelation.)

It was interesting to see the media reaction to Hanson's stunt. Of course you'll always get a contrast between News Ltd and Fairfax. But on Friday it was particularly pronounced.

The Daily Telegraph could see what it was all about. Her "crazy brave" stunt was effective in keeping the nation focused on her agenda.
Alan Jones also nailed the pomposity of Brandis.

The tragic hand-wringers at The Sydney Morning Herald did what they usually do, which was to look down their noses at Hanson and sneer up a storm about bigotry and white men.

They really haven't the slightest clue.

My initial thoughts on the stunt, the day after it occurred:

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  1. The collective raspberry blown at Brandis and the corresponding support for Pauline are an interesting guide perhaps to the outcome on the SSM vote.
    The Yes crowd is making a lot of noise, but hey, ask the Remainers in England how much good chants and marches did their cause.