Monday, September 26, 2016

SSM plebiscite becoming reminiscent of the republic referendum in 1999

Just amazing the way this plebiscite issue is unfolding. As far as I can recall, when it was first offered, "marriage equality" advocates were mostly, if not all, for it. And why not? There seemed to be so much support and goodwill for SSM.

But then they gradually went dark on this proposal. I think the main reason for this was their realization that they would be leaving it in the hands of the hoi polloi.

The gay marriage push is clearly a leftie thing. And lefties are the biggest control freaks there are. They quack on endlessly about how they're for the people, cherish democracy and all the rest of it. But deep down they absolutely loathe the plebs. They just wanna boss them around, let's face it ... So, they've changed tack on this even though it was an extremely promising option for them.

They're desperately trying to bully Malcolm Turnbull into backing down. I think there's still a chance that he will. He is utterly terrified of being condemned by the leftie luvvie set. And he knows that will happen if he does push through with the plebiscite, which the Government clearly has a mandate for.

Meanwhile Bill Shorten is exploiting this very serious issue of whether to change this age old institution for his own political gain. So amazingly cynical and says so much about him. He really doesn't give a tinker's about "marriage equality" either way. But he sees that he can use it to cause trouble for the Government so he's doing that. Blech!

But as Malcolm Farr notes, by pushing as hard as he has, he may well have backed himself into a corner. And George Brandis has said that if things keep going this way the whole issue could just be put on the backburner again.

Obviously it's hard to tell what's gonna happen. A week is a long time in politics and all that.

But it really does look like this relentless push by SSM advocates to sidestep the people, which has been enabled by Labor's cynicism, could blow up in their faces.

So ironic that they are always quacking on about love ... There's that memorable quote about this emotion, remember: "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it's yours forever. If it doesn't, then it was never meant to be."

They just can't let it go, can they? Control freaks.

The situation could well be a replay of the 1999 Republic Referendum. In that expensive exercize the agents of change ended up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The main reason seemed to be because of the model they chose. They wanted the head of state to be selected, remember. Aussies felt it was too elitist, and they lost.

Something similar could happen with same sex marriage. If so, Malcolm Turnbull will have played central, albeit different, roles in each outcome.

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  1. .... something .. could happen with same sex "marriage" ....

    Yair. It could be recognised for what it is. Another component part of the fascist Left's pathological pursuit of everything evil, wrong and failed and its relentless assault upon all that's Good and Right and successful.

    What happened to the Good Old Days when the 98.85% of us who're normal could comfortably own to being so? And had no problem calling the other 1.15% -- whose mental illness, sexual-derangement and delusion was thus defined, in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual -- Deviant. And/or queer?

    What happened that we now - instead - celebrate the mentally-ill, sexually-deranged and delusional. And permit that self-and-own-culture-loathing claque's redefinition of Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization's major building block?

    Its redefinition of marriage?