Monday, September 5, 2016

Hillary's health and other issues have hurt her campaign, perhaps terminally

Amazing to watch how the battle for the US presidency is developing. Presently, most of the MSM are still saying Hillary has a comfortable lead over Trump, at least in battleground states. The consensus is that it's pretty much a done deal.

But then there are other polls that have 'em neck and neck overall. Some even have Trump ahead ... In any case, as Brexit showed, polls can be hugely unreliable.

Frankly, I think Trump is in with a much better shot at winning than all the main outlets say he is. Not only are most of them shamelessly supporting Hillary and verballing him -- which I think is actually having a net negative effect on her electoral chances because Americans are so sick of being lied to, and so brazenly -- he's drawing massive crowds at rallies, and has much greater engagement on social media than she does.

Then there's all this stuff about her e-mails being investigated by the FBI. The MSM have to report on it even though they clearly don't want to ... Many of the revelations are absolutely jaw-dropping, like the one about her staff hammering her Blackberries. If these involved anyone else they woulda been toast aaages ago.
Also, even though she and her team are desperately pushing the line that she's hale and hearty, it's sooo obvious that her health is bad. The fact that she hasn't done a press conference for ages clearly supports this view. As a result, the memes about her sickness, tiredness and paranoia -- not to mention general rudeness and crookedness -- are spreading like wildfire across Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere.

So, as we draw closer to the November showdown the pro-Clinton obfuscation, spin and outright lies are all rolling together into a massive wave of sludge that's heading for the floodwalls of truth!

Something's gotta give. If the floodwalls fail and Hillary wins America is in for the most toxic, corrupt presidency ever. It'll be even worse than Obama's -- and that's saying something.

Uggh! The thought of it is just to horrible to contemplate.

That's why I think they'll hold and the people will make a sane decision to elect someone who is far from perfect but will certainly do his best to govern in their interests.

That's if she even makes it to the election, mind. Even that is not certain ... See, a few days ago this tweet appeared.
So, looks like it could well be starting to fall apart for Hillary Rodham Clinton. The stress she's under must be absolutely enormous. It could break the will of a healthy person, let alone someone clearly as unwell as HRC.

I know I'm going out on a limb here. But I think she's gonna have some kinda meltdown before the election. We probably won't learn the details -- at least not straight away. But I think it'll be serious enough that she'll have no alternative but to quit.

What do you reckon?

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  1. .... Missus Cli'ton - before the election - is gonna have some kinda meltdown ... serious enough that she'll have no alternative but to quit ....

    I reckon so, too -- but will venture it might be during one of the fascissocialist ambushes the "bipartisan" debates' commission has stacked against Mr Trump. It's as sure as The Almighty made lil' green apples that Mr Trump's team is already prepping him to bombard her with the kind of triggers we've already observed to send her into froth 'n' foam-flecked frenzies 'n' fits. And may be sure - in this instance and for the first time, ever - that Mr Trump is paying very close attention to his teachers and will be acutely on the lookout for opportunity to propel her heinous into paroxysms.

    Not for a minute forgetting that one of those Trump teachers is the famous paediatric neurosurgeon, Doctor Benjamin Solomon Carson. (No doubt in Mr Trump's team especially in case that head of his ever needs a more unkind cut)

    Brian Richard Allen