Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hillary's health decline and cover-up like something out of the USSR

If you are stupid enough to believe that the MSM are playing with a straight bat, you'll believe that Hillary Clinton's health is just fine; that all this talk about how she's suffering from a host of serious ailments is tin-foil hat conspiracy nutter stuff.

But the evidence is mounting up that something is seriously awry. She doesn't wanna give a press conference; she's coughing up a storm; she needs stools and handlers galore. Even some prominent liberals are alarmed.

Take Dr Drew Pinsky. He expressed concern about the issue and promptly lost his gig on CNN.

“Dr. Drew” was canceled eight days after Pinsky discussed Clinton’s health on a radio show, saying he was “gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.”

“CNN is so supportive of Clinton, network honchos acted like the Mafia when confronting Drew,” a source told me. “First, they demanded he retract his comments, but he wouldn’t.”

What followed was a series of nasty phone calls and emails. “It was downright scary and creepy,” a source close to Pinsky said.

Scary and creepy alright. There are so many powerful forces -- mainstream media included -- working to have her installed as POTUS it's sinister as all get out.

Watching all this unfold I keep remembering the good ol' days of the Cold War (yes, I'm that old). Leonid Brezhnev was the USSR's leader for, like, forever. You'd see his grim, stone-like visage on news reports all the time.

Finally, Leonid the trooper just kinda ground to a halt. And he was promptly replaced by someone just as dour and expressionless as him called Yuri Andropov. But he was already ailing and drop off is exactly what he did a bit over a year later.

Now this wasn't a democracy, obviously. Still, you'd think they'd try and find someone younger and healthier to replace him. Nope.

Konstantin Chernenko came next. Bloke was at death's door even as he was being sworn in, it seems. And, he popped his clogs (or whatever Russkies wear on their feet) after less than a year.

Historian John Lewis Gaddis describes him as "an enfeebled geriatric so zombie-like as to be beyond assessing intelligence reports, alarming or not" when he succeeded Andropov in 1984.

Hillary Clinton isn't quite zombie-like yet. But she's clearly heading that way. And if she does get wheeled into the White House ... well, I think the Beatles sang it best:

We'll be back in the US, back in the US ... Back in the USSR!

But hey, don't take my word for it. If you really wanna know the truth about Hillary Clinton's health why not listen to someone really close to her, like her hubbie Bill.


  1. .... Missus Cli'ton's ill-health cover-up like something out of the USSR ....

    Notwithstanding that more than 65% of Russian males die drunk and that epidemic Alcoholism is a bigger problem in what's Left of the evil empire than are its millions of moslems, Bubbah-Goat's missus is more like something out of the Memphis-Mal "Trousers" Fraser and or Robert "Plastered" Hawke "prime ministerships.

    Missus Cli'ton is a terminal alcoholic whose primary problem is that she guzzles a couple of home-delivered cases of Jack Daniels Single Barrel a fortnight -- and pops pills -- and suffers early-stage Korsokoff's Syndrome.

    A "wet-brain" drunk, by any other name.

    And no Doug Anthony or Paul Keating in sight to do any actual work, involved.

    Brian Richard Allen.:

  2. There is something wrong there for sure.
    BUT IN THE REAL NEWS OF THE DAY: The Washington Press Corps today located the police officer who wrote a speeding ticket on Donald Trump in 1982. They also interviewed the son of the little old lady who watched the cop pull Trump over. The lady herself had died in 2004, but the son had heard the story 'maybe once or twice over dinner'.
    Press are still searching for the Hare Krishnas who danced across the highway two miles from the incident as possible witnesses.
    Trump took his lumps and paid the fine within a week, but that doesn't count.