Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Not PC to say so, but men are harassed online too, often by women

Contrary to the politically correct narrative, men can actually be the targets of online harassment, as this article makes clear.

Of course, a lot of that abuse is perpetrated by other men. But there's no doubt that women do it too. I've recently seen this quite closely. One of my social media friends had hateful and very personal messages left on his wall by a vengeful woman he'd been involved with. These were clearly meant to be hurtful and embarrassing. And I'm sure they achieved their goal.

Sure, these didn't contain threats of physical violence (at least as far as I could tell. Stopped reading pretty quick because they were so alarming). Obviously these are worse, particularly if they seem dinkum. Definitely a matter for the plods! But hurtful words can leave deep scars also. And women can be very adept at this kind of abuse, let's face it. 

They can also be extremely vicious in their trolling of other women. I recall a report in which Charlotte Dawson -- who ultimately topped herself! -- confronted one of her most relentless haters, who was a woman. 

But back to the article

Norton’s director for the Pacific region, Mark Gorrie, said the study revealed the extent to which men are abused online, and until now the issue had been somewhat overlooked.

I'll say. That's partly because the mere suggestion that it might deserve attention sends frightbats into fits of rage, let's face it. 

Very little research has been done exploring the issues of online harassment and Australian men,” Mr Gorrie said.

“Most commonly, online harassment is very much associated with females, who do suffer from more severe forms of online harassment.

“However, our research shows that men’s experience online is not too dissimilar to women and this is an issue that affects both genders and in particular minority groups.”

Hmm. I find those statements a bit confusing. I mean, if buggerall research has been done on men's experience of harassment, how can you say that women suffer more severe forms of it?... And then it's "not too dissimilar".


I suspect part of this incoherence is due to Mr Gorrie being worried about the SJW outrage he might provoke if he says something, er, inappropriate. Could even wind up being like one of the men in his study, then. 

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