Saturday, September 17, 2016

John Alexander's absurd attack on Pauline Hanson regarding Islam

It never ceases to amaze me how members of the political class keep mouthing the same incoherent rubbish when trying to smack down dissenters ... Now, of course you're gonna get heaps of this the further leftward you go. If you look at the shrieking Greens, for example, it's clear they believe that if you keep repeating something over and over then you will eventually make it true. Now I wouldn't say that they're Goebbelsian, because they're so emotional, and generally believe their own BS to start off with. Still, while they are extremely silly, their zeal makes them a tad scary as well.

But you also see the same crap occurring in places you normally wouldn't expect it to. Take the LNP. In recent years they've become almost as obediently right-on as Labor. And now with a narcissistic progressive at the helm, they're even more so.

Their embrace of this absurd "goodthink" is illustrated by Bennelong MP John Alexander trying to smack down Pauline Hanson:

"I subscribe to the Voltairean principle of respecting people's right to say things that I disagree with. But when that speech uses broad-brush strokes to demonise an entire religion and all the observers of that religion it must be called out for what it is - it's racism, it's discrimination," he said in a little-seen speech in Parliament's Federation Chamber.

There's perhaps today's most oft-repeated, classic absurdity, right there. He actually says he thinks religion is a race. Yet he obviously can't recognize this nonsense for what it is. And he thinks he's smarter than everyone else, and we should all listen to him?


Now, I personally think Pauline is a tad OTT on Islam. And in the final, er, psychoanalysis it may well be that racial animosity is part of what's motivating her views here. But I really don't think she's any more racist than most pollies. And IMO she's definitely less racist than many of her most intense haters on the Left.

Take the Greens (again). They gotta be the whitiest, tightiest buncha blowhards in Oz. And they're the ones most keen to condemn others for this failing? Talk about projection ... Also, their insistence on seeing non-white people as child-like victims who need special laws made for them is downright sinister, and demonstrably toxic to these same people (Aborigines in particular).

But Alexander wasn't attempting some kinda amateur shrinkage (like I just did then). He was referring specifically to Hanson's comments on Islam. And his confusion is clear for all to see.

His citing of Voltaire made his comments ironic, too. As well as his oft-quoted line about free speech, the great French philosopher also had this to say:

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

Of course there's absolutely no chance that the former tennis ace will ever end up using his strong right arm to hack off heads. Still, he just served up a little yellow ball of bollocks that can be used to help feed the goals of Islamists who do. Hardly good sports, they routinely exploit it and other nonsense contained in politically correct socialism, a massive global racket.

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  1. Great column, Mr Hayden. About time someone spoke the simple Truth about Ms Hanson -- thank you. (Not to be mean but another 50 IQ Points and she'd be close to perfect. And meanwhile - since My Workers' Party days, she's the only non- Liberal I've voted for)

    Reckon you may be a little off-target in believing the fascist Left's Big Lies to fall short of being Goebbelsian, though. Or in implying that Hitler's Fascissocialists were any more the product of reason than are those that comprise Australia's similarly Malignant-Narcissism-driven, self, own-culture and own-species-loathing, psychopathic, sociopathic and/or dangerously-dullard fascist Left.

    First cousins, the lot of them, of the false-fuehrer "author," whose mein koranpf-incited psychopathic submissive - in a mere 1400 years - have so far seen to the piling up of more than a half-billion barbaricly-buggered, butchered bodies. And counting.