Friday, September 9, 2016

OAK's joke provokes vegan ragin'

These days, with so much mainstream media content being consumed online, journos have to crank out loads o' clickbait to keep their gigs. So they scour social media looking for minor stoushes and whinge-fests they can beat up into actual, er, stories. Given how chockas these outfits are with sneering hipsters, you can be sure that a lot of these articles have a politically correct, social justicey flavour to 'em.

Reporting on vegans being outraged by a tongue in cheek advertisement from flavoured milk brand OAK is a recent example of this. Given the fact that the story appeared on a whole mess o' news feeds, you'd think there'd been some kinda serious campaign launched against it. But nup. It was just a few undernourished but over-emotional mung bean munchers getting their hemp panties in a bunch in the comment threads of OAK's Facebook page.

Just so silly ... But sadly also destructive.

Because the little snarkfest got such a huge amount of meeja attention the company seems to have pulled the ad. This suggests that it wasn't actually designed to troll the perpetually offended and thereby generate publicity, as some may have concluded. In any case, buckling under the online outrage is the worst thing the company could have done (as this excellent book on SJW tactics makes clear).

Vegans may avoid eating animal meat but a lot of them have a taste for human flesh, metaphorically speaking. Getting people to accede to their hysterical demands confirms their sense of moral virtue, which is why they are, er, eschewing the chewing in the first place. Gaining corporate appeasement from such a minor bout of online tanty-chucking will just embolden the anaemic arsehats. They'll pounce with far greater vegan vengeance next time.

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  1. Given the hipster sjw's propensity for fellatio, is that not an insult to veganism.