Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kristin Lajeunesse cares more about seeming virtuous than animal welfare

Vegan vlogger Kristin Lajeunesse couldn't cope with how livestock were being transported in New Zealand. Very strange. Did she think that they were treated better back in the USA, where she's from?

Her overly emotional reaction is typical of the green left. They seem to care more about the plight of animals (and even bloody plants!) than people ...

Or maybe it's not that at all. Perhaps it's that they care more about themselves, and the way they are perceived by their peers, than anything else.

Interesting that she made a video of herself sooking up and shared it on social media. She was saying, "Look at moi. Look at how much I care!"

If you perceive it this way it becomes clear that those poor herbivores didn't really matter to her. They were just bit players in the passion play she was performing for the camera.

But these child-brained narcissists do this all the time, don't they? They wring their hands about how mankind treats animals, saying that we're no better than those "non-human persons". So, if we're no better than them, why not condemn animals for treating each other badly -- which they do all the time, clearly.

If Kristin Lajeunesse saw the wild in the same way she saw those Kiwi trucks, then she'd be posting videos of her meltdowns while hiking in the forest, wouldn't she?

That would still be extremely daft. But at least it would be consistent.

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