Thursday, October 13, 2016

NSW MPs label Trump a "revolting slug", leave snail trail of rank hypocrisy

Trump Derangement Syndrome is afflicting liberals all over America, of course. But it's caught on big time down here, too, with plenty of Aussies launching into hysterical fits of lefteous indignation about The Donald, making complete idiots of themselves in the process. Take the entire NSW Parliament, for example:

New South Wales Parliament has formally branded US presidential candidate Donald Trump a "revolting slug" who is unfit for office.

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham tabled a motion on the business paper slamming the Republican, which passed unopposed this morning.

The pettiness and puerility is almost unbelievable, innit? Even obnoxious uni student politicians would generally avoid such childish shenanigans.

And we're paying these arsehats! They should be thoughtfully dealing with issues affecting citizens of New South Wales, not indulging in a collective fit of virtue signalling about a figure on the other side of the world.

Not surprising that a Greens MP tabled it. They all suffer from arrested development, after all. And their entire MO is to endlessly hurl abuse at their political opponents, falsely calling them racist, sexist and all the rest of it.

But it's also pretty funny that Jeremy Buckingham has used "slug" as if it were an insult. Remember that the Greens claim to be champions of all creatures great and small, including the spineless and slimy ones. Speciesist, much?

And speaking of invertebrates: Buckingham's workplace is chockas with 'em! Why, only this week the Baird government backed down on its stupid decision to nuke the entire greyhound industry because they realized the voters were filthy mad about it and would likely punt them come election time. Now, they'll prolly still lose because they've shown themselves to lack the courage of their convictions.

Then there's the fact that Buckingham's asinine motion was passed unopposed. You'd think there'd be at least a bit of resistance to it -- on the grounds of its obvious and embarrassing puerility, if nothing else. But clearly no one in the chamber had the spine to do even that.

Gawd. What a bunch of jellybacks.

The malevolent molluscs must leave a snail trail wider than a Clover Moore bike lane as they sleaze and slime their way through Parliament House each day.

And if Trump wins come November? Well, the putrid goo they exude will be doubly viscous on account of the albumen from the eggs dripping from their stunned mullet faces.

I certainly do hope this will be the outcome -- although I do pity the poor janitors who will have to clean the stinking mess up.


  1. .... And if Trump wins come November? Well, I surely hope this will be the outcome ....

    Think much is at stake?

    Only what's Left of Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization:


    Published October 14 2016 - By Donald Trump

    This is the full video and text of Donald Trump’s speech in Florida, yesterday. (I) could not more strongly encourage you to watch and read it to its end. (Baring in mind that Mr Trump is whom I must vote for, not whom I supported in the primaries nor would wish to)

    Brian Richard Allen

  2. I do hope Mr Buckingham takes some time to acquaint himself with the sexual predations of Hillary's hubby - not to mention her own mocking of a rape victim.