Sunday, October 16, 2016

Flood of false Trump groping claims reminiscent of Gillard's misogyny speech

It's often said that whatever crazy stuff happens over in the good ol' USA will be replicated here in Oz eventually. We follow, not lead -- particularly when it comes to culture and politics. This has definitely been the case with political correctness. It gathered up a head of steam in America in the nineties, and now there's a full blown reaction against it, embodied most powerfully in the rise of Donald Trump.

We're still catching up Down Under. Sure, we've got Pauline Hanson, but she's a marginal force, not leader of one of the big two parties. The one major leader who did react strongly against PC was Tony Abbott, and he was knifed by his own party. So it seems that the discontent has a fair way to go before it reaches current American levels.

But there's one episode that occurred during Abbott's reign as opposition leader that actually kinda pre-empted what's going on in America now. That was when Julia Gillard delivered her seminal (or should that be ovarian?) misogyny speech in an attack on Tony Abbott.

The frightbats were all aflutter about this, triumphantly declaring that she was speaking feminist truth to patriarchal power. But any sane adult with one eye half open could tell it was just a cynical ploy to neutralize the fallout from the controversy embroiling the Speaker of the House.

Gillard was utterly brazen in falsely sliming Abbott (at one point for looking at his watch!) to keep the heat off Peter Slipper, whom she had installed! And why was he in hot water? Well in part because of sexually oriented texts that he'd sent to a staffer, some of which included undeniably misogynous imagery.

The way she totally ignored this highly relevant fact -- followed almost unanimously by the shamelessly pro-Gillard mainstream media -- was jaw-dropping.

Fast forward to the USA, late 2016. Right now we've got a concerted, round the clock campaign to slime a presidential candidate as a serial groper and harasser. New "victims" pop up almost hourly. Their wild claims are published uncritically by huge MSM outfits like the New York Times. Soon afterwards they are revealed to be hoaxes.

Now, this all out campaign to destroy Trump would be bad enough if its prime architects -- the Clintons -- were just garden variety scumbags. But it's well established that Bill himself was a serial groper, and almost certainly a rapist as well. And rather than being some kind of innocent bystander to this carnage, Hillary did all she could to destroy his victims' reputations -- even threatening at least one of them in subtle but nonetheless crystal clear terms.

The hypocrisy is epic. It just makes you wanna hurl. And the fact that the MSM are totally okay with this tactic and are even enthusiastically playing their part in it is deeply sinister. Just as the Hildebeest trashed the reputations of her predator hubby's victims, massive news organizations are actively painting Trump as someone like him! And they are doing it to distract from the damage to Hillary's campaign caused by relentless Wikileaks revelations -- dozens of which show Watergate-scale corruption -- which they should all be investigating fearlessly.

So, in terms of dirty gender politics, it's like Gillard pointing the figure at Abbott, but magnified a hundred times.

Makes you wonder if she had anything to do with it ... Did Hillary call Julia for tactical advice, I wonder?


  1. Did Hillary call Julia? Sure looks that way, and it seems Shrill ain't smart enough to recognise the disaster of Joolya's plan.
    So far the battle plan looks very familiar. Attack after attack on Trump. Within days the attackers are themselves under attack when their own unsavoury activities are brought to light. And it doesn't stop. It doesn't give them pause to think for a damn second. Just a quick memory wipe and restart. Round the same track again and again.
    It's often said that too many people are still getting their news from the MSM. But that didn't stop Tony Abbott from winning a solid majority in 2013. People get tired of being taken for fools. And I believe - or at least, I hope - that that goes for Americans as much as Australians.

    1. .... I hope that that goes for Americans as much as Australians ....

      Better make that hope into "pray."If the hag is able to steal this year's election - as silly sookie Sayyid Soetoro and his sinister sycophants stole 2012's? America is dead and buried.

      And, as goes America? Goes all of what's Left of Judeo-Christian/Western/Human Civilization.

      And that's just from the vast RICO-racketeering, organized-criminal hordes that trade as the "Democrats." Before we get to the ducks'-bum-arsed Malcolm Turnbull clones that comprise the "republican"establishment. (The real enemy)

      Really funny thing, though? Trump's a "liberal" (read: fascissocialist) "Democrat,"being bitten by the fleas off the dirty dogs he's been lying with for fifty years.

  2. ..... Gillard delivered her seminal -- or should that be ovarian? ....

    Neither. Should refer to definitive misandry -- and to Malignant Penis Envy. Freudian, perhaps?

    ... Did (Missus Bruno Bubba-Goat-Billy-Blythe Cli'ton) call JuLiar for tactical advice ...?

    Dunno. But she as sure as Hill called her for a great big chunk of the confiscated wealth of those Australians that had earned and owned it! Millions of Dollars into the Clinton septic tank.