Monday, October 31, 2016

Jenna Price on Jennifer Hawkins and Trump is silly and sad

The relentless right-on campaign to slime Donald Trump is just jaw-dropping, innit? Leftie feminists in particular are desperately trying to portray every little bit of news about him as confirming their Eeeevil Misogynist White Male Oppressor  narrative.

Latest to do so is our own Jenna Price in a surreal gargle about former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins. In it, she spins a benign little public interchange between mogul and stunna as some sorta sinister humiliation!

I feel sorry for people like Ms Price. They see male violence, bigotry and brutality all over the place, mostly where it just doesn't exist. But then when there is true, in yer face misogyny they say nothing or even defend it. Really, what's more oppressive to a woman, being lauded as an icon of beauty all over the globe and being handed mountains of cash for the privilege, or being forced to wear a bloody burka? FFS.

Now, I can see how some people might think that Ms Hawkins is being "objectified" by Trump. But that's her choice. She's playing a role, sure. She knows that. We all do.

A beauty pageant may be many things. But it's certainly not misogynous. If anything it's about worshipping women. It's men's (and women's) way of saying: "Hey! Chicks rock because they're total spunks! Check out these babes. They are truly awesome!"

Like all forms of entertainment, it shouldn't be taken too seriously. (Same is true of comedy. Comics are now so terrified of offending snowflakes that they all now engage in, er, routine self-censorship.)

As well as the sheer joylessness Price exudes, there's her evidently low opinion of the woman in question, Jennifer Hawkins. By characterising these moments where she yucked it up with The Donald as something chillingly vile, she implies that Hawkins is too dippy to even know she's being brutalized. Patronising (sorry, matronising) or what!

Actually this determination to paint the Trump-Hawkins dynamic as completely imbalanced and unhealthy has been widespread in the MSM. No wonder Ms Hawkins has kept comparatively silent on the issue.

I don't claim to have any special insight into their relationship, of course. But I suspect she quite likes the guy. He has been extremely helpful to her career after all. Take this quote for example:

Earlier this year, Hawkins described Trump as a wonderful family man. "I don't think a lot of people know or see that but he just loves his kids," she told Fairfax Media reporter Jenna Clarke.

As well as implying that she has genuine liking for him, it also says something about Trump's personality that debunks the widely held stereotype of him as a malignant narcissist. After all it's well established that those with NPD have poor relationships with their often dysfunctional kids, who usually permanently move as far away from them as possible at the first opportunity. This is definitely not the case with Trump whose offspring are highly competent and successful people who maintain close contact with their father and are very publicly supportive of him.


  1. 'Male violence'. Funny how often those two words wind up together. Because there's no such thing as female violence... or so some believe.
    Alan Jones and Mark Latham discuss Rosie Batty as well as myths about male violence. Latham has done some investigating, and I will judge the truth of what he says by the reaction of the feminazis and SJWs. I figure that if there's anything in the story about Ms Batty, the media won't go within a mile of it.

  2. .... (Feminazis) ... desperately try to spin every rumor, inuendo and/or lie about Mr Trump as confirming their Eeeevil Misogynist White Male Oppressor narrative ....

    Which "Eeeevil Misogynist White Male Oppressor narrative" is for the most part but the Projected content of the imploding black-hole souls of the fascist Left's most Malignantly-Pathologically-Penis-Envious misandrists. Those folk look at an Alpha Male, reptilian-brain/knee-jerk into automatic hatred and rage and -- in a vivid demonstration of the definitively-fundamental-dishonesty that characterizes that claque's every feeling, every move and even every emotion -- blame whomever's in their sights for how they feel! Julia Gillard.

    And then there is -- and back to -- the Narrative. When President-Elect Donald John Trump begins to drain and to clean up the detritus buried in the DC Swamp, every one of fascist Leftardism's sub-groups will lose its justification for its existence and without a functional brain to found among them will need to re-write its raison d'être and reinvent the rationalization of its rage.

    Right now, the Hard-Left's lunatic fringe-dwelling tribes are beginning to catch on to the existential threat to their very being. Hence this column's featured nut-jobs' discovery of their inner Julia Gillards.