Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Grace Collier triggers Q and A lefties with common sense suggestion

As I've mentioned a coupla times before on this blog, I'm a refugee from Artsville, Orstraya. I was surrounded for years and years by sundry deranged lefties, and somehow managed to maintain my sanity.

Nowadays I can look at that toxic environment with some detachment. And I pity the poor little poppets, I really do. They have been swallowed up by something truly ugly: cultural Marxism. But they think they've got it all sussed. It's hilarious ... and sad.

One characteristic of this collective mental illness (and that's not too strong a term) is a complete aversion to common sense.

This was on display on last night's Q and A. I didn't watch it, but apparently Grace Collier triggered some of the lefties in the audience big time by saying something perfectly reasonable: If you don't have a job, start a business. They actually started heckling her!

Amazing, innit? All Grace was saying was, hey there's nothing stopping you. Why not give it a burl? You can be your own boss, you know ...

Now, I can understand why some might disagree with the suggestion on the grounds that doing such a thing is a lot harder than it sounds. But how could any sane adult find it offensive -- and so offensive that the speaker must be shouted down.

That's what's interesting to me -- the fact that these socialist snowflakes just can't bear to hear this kind of talk. And I think it's because they've been so brainwashed into seeing themselves as victims with no agency that it threatens their very sense of who they are.

It's like the reaction you get when you say to a feminist frightbat: "Hey toots, actually you're not a victim at all. Go and live your life. Be free! Hell you are free, already ... Sure, it's not a perfect world. But you've got it better than just about anyone, babe. So stop whining, eh?"

If they haven't exploded in a massive foam-flecked tanty, and can actually string a few words together they'll come up with reasons for why they're not free. They'll blurt "the patriarchy, rape culture, institutionalized misogyny", etc -- all utter bollocks, of course.

Lefties have such a horrible existence, don't they! They spend their entire lives telling themselves why they can't do stuff, and why other people (whom they absolutely loathe, BTW) must do it for them. How long is that gonna work for, particularly if the whole society is built around this view (which is their ultimate goal, let's face it)? You don't have to be a friggin' rocket scientist to realize that it's a bad strategy; that's it's unsustainable.

Hell, these pinko parasites want the money that business creates. But they say they can't start one themselves. Well, if they can't, with all their fancy uni education and everything, who the fark can?

Really, would be great if even just one of them broke with tradition and actually took Ms Collier's sane advice to do something they're good at and charge a quid for it.

Sure, they only truly excel at being obnoxious, shouty arsehats. Still, there must be a market for this somewhere ...

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  1. Fascissocialism is a psychosis.

    The Left is entirely comprised of the criminally insane and of the mentally ill, deranged and delusional. Of psychopaths and sociopaths and/or savants.

    Too damned stupid to know they're lied to and/or who are too damned mean-spirited and/or greedy, to care.

    Brian Richard Allen