Monday, January 4, 2016

Dutton's "mad witch" text provokes faux feminist outrage

Another day in the Land Down Under (where pollies blow it, and lefties chunder). The latest outrage provoking the squitterati is Peter Dutton's "mad witch" text. Sure, it was mean and nasty and in a perfect world he shouldn't have even typed it, let alone sent it (and to the very journo it was about -- FFS what a boofhead!). But at least he owned up to his massive faux pas and apologized quick smart.

And does anyone seriously think that only a Tory bloke would send this kind of secret sledge to a mate? Surely such SMS snarkery is common across the political spectrum. And really, who gives a tinker's? Even the target of his ire, Samantha Maiden, shrugged it off pretty easily.

But of course every leftie on Twitter is utterly outraged about it. The frightbats are having a field day, natch.
(Actually, I think Tara meant to say "warlock". But don't tell her I corrected her tweet. That's mansplaining, apparently, and it's illegal in some of the more right-on suburbs of Melbourne like Northcote!)

Those frightbats, eh! Always sooo desperate to play the victim aren't they? And by pointing out the insult, taking umbrage, aren't they perpetuating its, er, power (for want of a better word)?

Being a "feminist" these days is so passive and pathetic, innit? Not empowering at all.

And given they're so into changing the language and all, why don't they do some paradigmatic recalibrating (or whatever the hell they call it) with this?  If "mad fucking wizard" is not an insult, why not make it one? Or why not defang "mad witch" by not overreacting to it and just goin' "meh" instead?

That's sorta what Samantha Maiden herself did, after all. If the woman who's been sledged in the text can shrug it off, makes you wonder why other so-called feminists can't.

Yet they're still so fond of saying how "sassy" they are, aren't they? "Sassy" my arse! As sassy as a buncha Victorian era dowagers, they are...

Of course they're not at all like dowagers when they're in full bullying mode, attacking individuals en masse -- conservative women in particular.

Memo to the bolshie broads: If you're gonna get all offended over "mad fucking witch" then you should stop using the c-word on other women, shouldn't you?

And if you're gonna imply that calling someone a mad witch somehow leads to really serious abuse like domestic violence, then you'd better be clear and strong in support of all women who allege they were raped -- especially by powerful figures, such as the current Leader of the Opposition.
If you don't do this you're just showing yourself to be a craven opportunist taking politically partisan pot shots. Call misogyny out across the board, or not at all. If you deem some blokes beyond reproach then you ain't no feminist, sis!

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