Friday, January 29, 2016

PC Barbie doll range hopes to placate feminists

I've often wondered what the key psychological driver in the tiny mind of the typical lefty social engineer actually is. Several come to mind including his desperate need to control others, and his valuing of emotions above thought.

But I think the main one might just be plain' ol' arrested development. Emotionally, SJWs are stuck at the level of a spoiled toddler who thinks she is the centre of the universe, and that everything should be absolutely perfect just for her. Her delicate fee-fees must be catered to at all times. And if she wills it, then it must be so!

Nowhere is this pathology more obvious than in politically correct victim feminism. In frightbats' tiny, toxic minds all the world is a playpen, and all the men and women merely dolls. So it's no wonder they've been waging a decades long, er, shehad against Barbie.

Even way back in the nineties I can recall the feminist chicks I knew squawkin' and squealin' about how Barbie was a tool of the patriarchy -- a way of inculcating girls into the "beauty myth". And I suspect that one of the main reasons the iconic Barbie hasn't been selling so well in recent years is because of this ongoing campaign to demonize it.

In an effort to lift sales Mattel has decided to make the dolls more reflective of diversity. So now you can get a whole range of them in various shapes, sizes and skin tones. (I'm surprised that there isn't a transgender version already. But I suspect there will be a "Caitlyn-Barbie" on the shelves before too long.)

Somehow I can't see these new toys -- especially the curvy one -- reversing the company's fortunes. IMO Mattel have opted into the SJW worldview. They are offering consumers what they think they should want, rather than what they actually do want.

If feminists haven't already started to deride this line they will do in time. Like spoiled little girls in the toy aisle, they've demanded yet another doll. But even that is not good enough. They'll chuck a tanty and throw it down on the ground before long. Just you watch.

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