Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kate Smurthwaite hectors Milo Yiannopoulos on The Big Questions

Pretty clear to any sane adult that "feminism" is now a dirty word. And that's not because of what its critics say about it. It's clearly a direct consequence of its proponents' beliefs and actions over many years. The movement is now almost completely dominated by obnoxious, entitled, childish bores who are just running amok all over the joint, getting away with bloody murder!

Feminists say they wanna be equal with men. Then they say all men are arseholes (which is of course bollocks). But hey, if being arseholes is what they aspire to they should pat themselves on the back. They've achieved that goal, sure as shit!

To see just how toxic and balmy these chicks have become you should check out the last episode of BBC's The Big Questions. The debate question itself illustrated the Beeb's anti-male bias: "Does social media reveal men's hatred for women?" So drearily right-on, it was clearly a set up for the bolshie broads to bang on about online misogyny -- which of course they did.

One of them was the socialist sleb Kate Smurthwaite. Her toxic personality came across loud and clear. Most alarming was her obvious lack of a sense of humour. That she's a successful "comedian" says heaps about how poisonously politically correct that scene is these days.

She femterrupted advocate for the "no" case Milo Yiannopoulus (who, unlike Kate and her sob sister Connie St Louis, actually came prepared with some hard data to back his claims up) repeatedly when he was speaking, while he let her and others have their say and remained polite. She even called for him to be locked up -- and she was not joking! Amazingly, the debate moderator just let this pass.

This alleged comic was kinda funny, but in a sad way... She was also scary. Imagine what she and her ilk would do if they had real power? Gawd.

Feminists like Smurthwaite detest the label "feminazi". But she wants to throw someone in jail for tweetin'. What could be more fascist than that?

Can just imagine what her gigs are like: heaps of male-bashing and witless whining about misogyny that doesn't exist. If she does get laughs they're not dinkum, just the strained guffaws of sneering hipsters desperately trying to prove they're not sexist. And what does she do if someone heckles her? Call the plods to arrest her for harassment?

To the left of Milo (literally -- and politically, I think) sat Ella Whelan of Spiked Online. She challenged Smurthwaite's view at one point. When she did, the crybully called this "annoying background noise". Misogyny, much?

Really, it was just a train wreck. I could vent for ages about her, St Louis, the host and even a tragic virtue-signalling mangina in the audience. But I just don't have time.

Anyhoo, have a look. You'll really see what I mean.


  1. One of the movement's many internal contradictions is that feminists say they wanna be equal with men

    The big contradiction in feminism that feminists want to be men. They despise women and they despise their own femaleness.

    But of course when somebody disagrees with them they'll behave like the most sheltered ladies of the Victorian era, getting the vapours and heading for the fainting couch. Then they expect a big strong policeman to come along and arrest the bad man who has made them cry.

    1. They clearly don't like other women, especially ones that don't toe their line. I think they hate everybody, women more than men.

      And yes, they always want to be protected. Everything has to be made safe for them. They're basically stuck at about age three emotionally. Just spoiled brats who never grow up ...

  2. The double standard was absurd. The moderator let Smurth and St.Louis make genuinely libelous accusations of Milo but he cut Milo off every time he got around to presenting his refutation or making a factual accusation. This definitely wasn't Milo's finest hour, but it was pretty clearly a Milo bash-fest from the start.

    1. Wasn't impressed with the host. Though he did seem to become more balanced about half way through. But overall he clearly took the side of the sob sisters.

      He wasn't as bad as Tony Jones on Q and A, though.

    2. Im sorry after seeing this the mod should go back to hosting wheel of fortune , he had zero impartiality

  3. Milo came prepared toi kic ass and he did. It got ugly real quick and I loved it.

    If that mangina of a host had actually shushed these harpies and let Milo lay the scorched earth policy all over them that we know he is capable of it would have been a debate for the ages.

    Instead, it was just incessant squawking of "MUH FEELZ!!" and libelous accusations against Milo.

    Shameful. But Milo knows full well that every time a feminist rants against him he only grows stronger.

    1. He certainly has very good self discipline. Keeps calm, even though all these forces are alligned against him. Hard thing to do, especially consistently.

      But as you say, the more people see "debates" like this the more they realize he's bang on the money!

  4. Thank for mentioning the pussy in the audience. I think he pissed me off more than St. Louis or Smurthwaite

  5. If you want to know what these feminists would do with power, you need only look at what the Office of Civil Rights at the U.S. Dept. of Education did in 2011. They sent out the "Dear Colleague..." letter to every institution of higher learning asserting that sexual assault violated the sexual discrimination terms of Title IX. They threatened to withhold federal funding if colleges didn't set up what are nothing more than Star Chamber kangaroo courts for men. No legal rights, no due process, burden of proof non-existent. So in cases of regret rape, only men are guilty. The reason they had to go around the law to do this is because if a drunk man and women hit each other in a head on collision of cars one can't say only the man is guilty under the law. The trick is what supremacists always do: if the targeted ethnic group or sex is not breaking the law, change the rules til they do.