Sunday, January 31, 2016

Julie Bishop is polite to animal rights nuts, showing her media savvy

I used to have a lot of respect for Julia Bishop. Then Abbott was knifed, and it became clear that she either knew about the plans to do this way in advance and did nothing, or -- worse still -- was actively involved in the plot.

In the past I saw mostly grace and strength. Now I tend to see calculating self-interest. Here's a small example. At a recent event in Los Angeles JBish was heckled by animal rights activists. Rather than firing back at them or just letting security frogmarch 'em out the door, she actually told them it was okay to have their say.

I think the main reason she did this was because she knew that because they were of the Left, any negativity on her part would have been seized on by the mainstream media, which as we all know is chockas with hand-wringing, finger-pointing SJWs. So, by being so gracious in this situation she guaranteed herself good press, or at last no condemnation from the usual suspects.

Then there's the possibility that she actually sympathized with these shouty loons. But you never quite know with her. She's very calculating and hides her real sympathies well.

If you think that's too long a bow then imagine how she would have reacted if some less PC protesters -- say those against Islamic immigration -- were to start shrieking at her. Think she'd have been so polite to them?

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