Thursday, January 7, 2016

Gayle-McLaughlin kerfuffle a storm in a groin cup

Glad I'm not alone in being utterly astonished -- not to mention really bloody annoyed -- by the intensity of the condemnation of Chris Gayle for his clumsy on air attempt to pick up reporter Mel McLaughlin. And the ten thousand dollar fine is so OTT it beggars belief.

As a result of his failed pass faux pas, other details of the cricketer's boorish ways have emerged, including a claim that he whopped it out and waved it around in front of woman in a change room recently. If true, of course that's way out of line. Could rightly be viewed as a crime, I suspect. But even before this particular story reared its ugly head the fun police were poncing about all over the joint, blurting out their incoherent protestations to anyone who'd read or listen to 'em. Still at it, too.

One popular line is that he humiliated McLaughlin. Bollocks! He just made a fool of himself. She swiftly waved away his advances and kept working. If you watch the video she remained in control of the interchange and got it back on track very quickly. If anything it was a textbook example of how to deal with an unwanted advance. She was not the victim, alright!

But sooo many people wanna see her this way. Not surprisingly, many call themselves "feminists". As well as reading plenty of tweets in this vein from the usual suspects, I heard it echoed by a bloke calling 2GB earlier today. He said he thought that the level of outrage over Chris Gayle's actions was reasonable. Without irony he added that Mel McLaughlin was an "extremely attractive woman". Well, d'oh!

The top scoring Jamaican pantsman just did what many blokes (including the talkback caller, I suspect) would like to do if they had half a chance. If Gayle "humiliated" Mel McLaughlin by making a pass at her then didn't the caller do this also by telling hundreds of thousands of listeners she was a top sort?

I mean, FFS, can we stop trying to pretend that female beauty isn't a powerful thing? Blokes (and chicks for that matter) get bowled over by it all the time ...

Another popular excuse for some shameless virtue signalling was the "work context" angle. Po-faced post-feminist male journos liked this one a lot. Every time I heard or read one of these mealy-mouthed manginas wheel it it out I wanted to barf at their brazen hypocrisy. What, so none of them ever hit on a spunkrat co-worker? Really, they should STFU unless they're happy to pay ten grand (and lose their treasured columns) each time they ask some female reporter at work out and she says "thanks, but no thanks".

Basically what happened was what's been happenin' since year-effing-dot. Horndog spotted fox and tried it on. Lost.

Ultimately, the episode illustrates what a waste of time and energy trying to police every little interaction between men and women (and all combinations thereof, to be PC!) actually is. If you don't let people muddle through life on their own you'll wind up very bitter and twisted, and make them miserable in the process.

So don't do it, okay!

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