Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Flakka is the Akka Dakka of designer drugs

Every few months there is news of another horrendous designer drug leaving untold social damage in its wake. Each of them is more terrifying than the last. Flakka is the latest of these. Here's an example of the kind of insanity it causes:

Kenneth Crowder, 41, was high on flakka when he ran through the streets naked, declared himself God and tried to have sex with a tree. After being tasered twice by police, he pulled the probes from his chest and tried to stab a police officer with his own badge while declaring himself Thor.

Just thor? You'd think that after that ordeal he'd be ekthtremely, ekthcruthiatingly thor!

Now that it's available in Australia, odds are it'll wreak havoc in all our major cities. But I'm most worried about Darwin. You can only wonder what terrifying act a typically thrillseeking Territorian might try -- not to mention the headline the local paper will use to report it!

But back to that Crowder bloke: The detail about him trying to have sex with a tree got me really worried. What if greenies start getting into it? And they may well do so given how cheap it is. (At five bucks a pop they could buy heaps of it on every dole day.) And the effects could be horrifying!

Check out the nature lovers below, who all seem to still be, er, on their faces. Can you imagine what they'd be like on flakka?

Crikey! It'd be bye bye virgin forest, that's for sure ...

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