Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dave Noonan's mate Blind Freddy should really lay off the grog

After the conclusion of the Trade union royal commission, the CFMEU's Dave Noonan was interviewed. Not surprisingly he claimed it was all a witch hunt:

"Blind Freddie knows this royal commission was set up to smear Julia Gillard, to smear Bill Shorten and to smear the trade union movement," Mr Noonan said.

Struck me as a tad insensitive that Noonan should make such a discriminatory remark, given that lefties are all supposed to be caring, sharing, right-on types. Not sure what the PC term for mocking the optically challenged is ("sightism", perhaps?) but the above quote surely merits a serious counselling session or two for Mr Noonan.

Unless he was talking about an actual mate of his, that is... Which may well be the case. See, not only did Mr Noonan use this offensive moniker just recently without fear of a lawsuit from HREOC, he has spoken of this character before in the same terms, like back in 2014.

Outside court, the CFMEU branded the royal commission a political "distraction" from the Abbott government's unpopular budget.

"I think even blind Freddy knows this is all about politics," the national secretary of the CFMEU's construction division, Dave Noonan, said.

And this same guy is quoted as an expert in this pro-unionist article. Popular fellow, is Fred:

This whole Commission is starting to look like a giant sham. Here are six times even Blind Freddy could see that it was a politically motivated witch hunt.

Well, whoever this man actually is, it's pretty clear that his judgement isn't what it used to be. Sure, he's rarely referred to these days because everyone is so wary of causing offence. But back in the day, when he was the go-to guy for numerous issues he clearly had a reliable knack for seeing -- or rather, perceiving -- the bleedin' obvious.

Now? Now he's a fucken idiot. So what happened?

Well, here's my theory: With the advent of PC a coupla decades back his fame nosedived and he became very depressed. Shuffling aimlessly along the docks one day, he fell in with a crowd of big drinking wharfies. As we all know they're thick as thieves with other unionists, and that's how he got to know Dave. Noonan has sought his counsel occasionally, but Fred's been utterly munted the whole time.

So he should get off the grog ASAP. If he does that, and people shrug off their politically correct fears (which they seem to be doing), he could easily regain his worldwide fame and authority. He'd become the Blind Freddy of yore, a simple but straightforward bloke who would know without a doubt that far from being a witch hunt, the trade union royal commission was an undeniably worthwhile exercise that uncovered widespread corruption -- corruption that should be tolerated no longer, particularly by union heavies such as Dave Noonan.

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