Wednesday, December 23, 2015

White knighting white males lift whitegoods to stop male violence. WTF?

Andrew Bolt often says that a major characteristic of the cultural Left is that they think that seeming to be good is more important than actually doing good. Boy is that ever true. One of the main reasons this is the case is because the former is piss easy and requires little or no thought. The latter, however, can require physical, emotional, and intellectual effort -- and sometimes sacrifice. Lefties -- being such lazy, gutless sods -- will naturally avoid that particular option like the plague.

Given that the Left are so dominant in our institutions and other stratas of society, being a seemer not a doer can be a very good career move. All manner of socialists practise this grotesque hypocrisy. But no group is more guilty of it (and shamelessly so!) than feminists. Take their current nationwide "anti-domestic violence" push to attitudinally reconstruct all of Oz blokedom.

The whole thing is a joke, based on an utterly false premise. Misogyny is definitely not the cultural norm (at least in the West) as the shameless sob sisters keep sayin'. The vast majority of men are appalled at any kind of violence -- particularly against women and children. The problem of blokes beating women does not come primarily from gender inequality. It's a very complex social scourge that will probably never be completely eradicated, least of all by a bunch of non-violent males mindlessly mouthing meaningless PC cant.

But still they keep doing it, and with gusto! Take this bunch of Melbourne removalists, who've decided to get their kits off for the cause. Forget the ribbons, it's a White Kniting White Underdacks campaign.

The whole thing is so unutterably stupid, you could write a comedy routine from just about every line in this this article about it. Aside from the proceeds going to domestic violence services the calendar's effect on the problem in this country will be one squillionth of sweet far call!

But one point before I go: While the calendar is balls-achingly (and, I suspect, balls-freezingly) right-on in its intention, it does ultimately seem to confirm, rather than subvert, one of the main patriarchal stereotypes alleged to be at the heart of the domestic violence problem. That is, it shows men lifting and moving heavy objects.

Shouldn't any feminist worth her (or his!) bolshie bile be outraged by these images? Aren't all the sisters doing this for themselves these days?

Just sayin' ...

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