Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Stoner Sloth laugh-fest used as reason to legalize cannabis -- seriously!

Still on the subject of everyone's favourite aboreal hash hunter: Hardly surprising that pro-legalization lefties would seek to take advantage of the Stoner Sloth campaign's massive social media debacle. They'll use anything they can find to push their cause. And they always seem to do it in an intellectually dishonest way. (Though maybe they're not that smart. Perhaps what appears to be deceitfulness is actually stupidity caused by years of bonging on? Not totally sure.)

Anyhoo, take this dopey gargle on The Drum. It's as dodgy as all get out! The summary reads:

The Stoner Sloth campaign is a symptom of our poor drug conversation. If we legalised marijuana then we could discuss how it's used without euphemisms, hypocrisy and bizarre furry animals, writes Jeff Sparrow.

Typical leftist sophistry. It's like saying: "If you quit resisting and simply go along with my side of the debate, then we can have a real debate. The fact that you disagree with me is what is stopping us rationally discussing different points of view."

Sparrow then goes on to imply that because Barrack Obama was once a "big time herbsman" cannabis is clearly benign. If anything, that fun fact says more about Obama himself -- along with the culture of the Democrats, as well as the mainstream media for generally sweeping it under the carpet -- than it does about whether pot should be legalized in Australia.

He then drops this little nugget of comedy gold:

The teens targeted by Stoner Sloth are not stupid.

That's almost as funny as the campaign itself, and in the same unwitting way!

Of course they are stupid. And not just because they're off their faces on weed. As well as being emotionally and intellectually immature due to their young age, they mistakenly believe that smoking is entirely benign, and that they can keep indulging in it without a worry in the world. (And this stupidity has resulted in part due to the rosy picture of pot smoking painted by people like Sparrow himself.)

It's this ignorant nonchalance that the Stoner Sloth campaign seeks to disabuse teens of. Numerous studies have proven that marijuana can be addictive and that heavy long term use causes significant psychological damage. So you shouldn't let yourself sleepwalk into a habit, particularly at such a young age. That's what the campaign is trying to convey, albeit in a hilariously clumsy way.

This undeniable fact is inconvenient to Sparrow, which is why he pretty much avoids it throughout the article. Instead he focuses on demonizing the law and comes up with this hilariously revealing line:

As every stoner knows, most of the dangers about toking weed are a direct consequence of the legal prohibitions on its use and sale.

This knowledge he speaks of, is it possessed by said smokers while they're high as kites, or straight? Because there's a big difference in those two states of consciousness. And it's actually the main reason dope smokers do what they do ... with their doobies.

See, they don't like reality. So if they're stoned all the time they end up being completely detached from it. As a result, what they "know" doesn't really count for much now does it?

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