Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kerri Sackville's road rage rant is car crash feminism

If you have any doubt that feminism has completely lost the plot, then you should read a recent gargle by Kerri Sackville. She is one of this nation's leading, er, "feminist thinkers"; a prolific columnist at Mama Mia and similar online publications where she, along with a bunch of other privileged white chicks, rails against imaginary oppression in the most petty and infantile way imaginable.

The piece I wanna talk about is funny, sad and a tad disturbing all at once. See, someone, who I'm certain isn't nearly as sexist as Ms Sackville describes, called her a slut in the heat of the moment after she tooted him from behind in heavy traffic. Our feisty feminist heroine saw dark -- or should that be, pale -- patriarchal forces in this momentary expression of anger, and penned a surreal screed in which she cast herself as some sort of omniscient representative of her entire gender.

This paragraph encapsulates her "argument":

When a woman is insulted by a man, he will frequently use sexual slurs. A man might be called an ‘a***hole’ or ‘d***head’, but a woman is called a slut or a whore. And this reflects a deep, ingrained sexism within our society.

Well, not really. It's just a swear word. The greater the frustration a person feels, the more offensive will be the word they, er, choose to vent it. When someone blows his top, he lifts the lid on his id. That's why the c-word is often used -- and far more frequently by feminists than any other group, it seems.

And to use her paragraph as a template for a reply: When a bloke is insulted by a feminist she will almost invariably use misandrist slurs. A woman might be called a slut or whore but a man is called sexist or misogynist. And this reflects a deep, ingrained stupidity within the feminist ideology.

Fair enough to feel insulted by being called a slut. But to be falsely accused of misogyny (that's hatred of women, not just lookin' at your watch when she's speaking, by the way) by many in the mainstream media (female and male) is far worse, particularly when it can result in the loss of your job. And this kind of nasty gender war is waged day in and day out by Ms Sackville's ilk (and to great effect, which is why they keep doing it of course). Blokes tread on egg shells the whole time, packin' death they might say anything that can be, er, msrepresented as misogyny.

Anyhoo, you gotta wonder why Kerri and her ilk are so fixated on this word. Readers will no doubt recall how her fellow trollumnist Clementine Ford (Joan of Snarc herself) got some bloke fired from his job for using it against her on Facebook. Seems entirely possible that the antipodean sob sisters, who spend every waking hour lookin' for spurious reasons to feel violated on behalf of all chickdom, have gotten together and agreed to demonize the s-word above all others now -- probably because so many of them have racked up way too many tweets and Facebook updates in which they'd used that other unmentionable the c-word to abuse others, conservative women most of all.

But back to Kerri's misandrist rant, in which she proves herself to be as car-hatin' as she is bloke-phobic:

I’m angry at you, Red Jag, and not for the reason you think. I truly don’t care if you believe I’m a slut or a whore, as bizarre as it would be to draw that conclusion from my driving habits. There is nothing wrong with having lots of sex with lots of people ... What makes me angry is that you reduced me to your perception of my sexual worth, something you would never dare to do to a man.

Sheesh, what a word-wank! Talk about auto-erratic ...

Firstly, if there's nothing wrong with having sex with lots of people, why does she insist on being offended by the word slut? And what's this thing with "Red Jag"? Bloke may love his car. But don't conflate him with it. That's commodification! As that famously eccentric Italian billionaire Giuseppe Merici once so memorably wailed in a press conference "I ama not a Fiat-a! I am-a not a Lamborghini! I am a humana beinga!"

And clearly, Kerri is not a slut-a -- not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. But there's certainly another epithet that springs to mind: princess. And one who should really toughen up in my humble opinion.

(She should count herself lucky, too. If I hadn't chosen Rufus for that sightseeing jaunt and selected one of my dozens of less valuable cars instead, she wouldn't have just copped that unfortunate and regrettable outburst. Would have been in for a real feminist fender bender, then.)


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  2. "a prolific columnist at Mama Mia"

    And that's where I stopped reading. A bit like the bloke in that clip called She Has A Boyfriend, I know, but there it is.