Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How quickly the needle shifts ...

Just amazes me how brazen the globalist-controlled state premiers are. And their contempt for the voters is just off the charts. 

So-called conspiracy theorists have long claimed that the single and double jabbed would themselves be deemed unvaccinated as the powers that be herd the sheeple into their booster program. 

We're there already. (Actually, it's been this way for a while.) Here's another perfect example of this. 

See what she did there? Without overtly stating it, the QLD Health Minister implied that now only triple jabbed are truly jabbed. So the stats of those "unvaccinated" who were hospitalized almost certainly included those who'd had one or two needle stabs.

So technically she's not lying according to this updated definition. She's just assuming you won't notice the sleight of hand. 

Or maybe she's such an idiot herself that she hasn't twigged to the deception? (Actually, she may not have even penned the tweet herself. Quite possible that one of her Deep State advisers did.)

Annastacia is using the same concept, although with slightly different wording. Both on the same page of course. 

And the MSM won't call either of them out on it either, I'll bet! 

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