Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Waleed Aly nails everything, every time!

Sneering hipsters are simple folk. They can't actually think -- let alone think for themselves. They can only obey their precious feelings. And being stuck in a state of perpetual childishness those feelings tend to be pretty narcissistic. Terrified of individualism, they are the ultimate conformists. Needless to say, they roam in packs. When they get told what to think (or rather, feel) by prominent social justice warriors they all dutifully obey.

Part of this process involves the near-deification of certain slebs. These anointed airheads can do no wrong. Every one of their often daffy pronouncements is seen by PC taste-makers as some kind of searing insight into the human condition that's never been expressed before.

Perhaps the most prominent of these right now is Waleed Aly. He strikes all the politically correct poses, natch. Added to this he's a Muslim, which immediately makes him seem rebellious, and therefore cool. Speaking of which, he's also an accomplished guitarist. His gigs as TV and radio broadcaster, academic and columnist mean he just keeps popping up all over the joint. Hell, if it weren't such a Eurocentric (and therefore, Islamophobic) term, he'd be called a bloody Renaissance man!

Pretty much every one of his smugly wrong-headed gargles on The Project or in Fairfax is met with reverence from his squillions of acolytes. Trained to "follow Waleed-er", and each other, they immediately start raving about his latest asinine offering on social media once it's live. Their fave way of doing this is to say Aly "nailed it". It's such a noticeable phenomenon that I tweeted this a while back:
But don't just take my word for it. Even Mark Di Stefano, prominent leftie fan of Aly, just made a similar observation. He wasn't being sarcastic, but.
You can also see the same phenomenon on Facebook and the search engines. Amazing.

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