Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Virginia Hausegger vs Sam Armytage

Spats between the smug, finger-wagging socialists of their ABC and the more popular, harder working and generally better paid reporters and pundits of commercial media are a given. Actually, they generate a fair chunk of content for both realms of the fourth estate. Without their enemies to rail at, quite a few journos would be lost for words, that's for sure.

Usually these conflicts are between blokes, which means they're mainly focused on ideological point-scoring -- and they do tend to stick to the rules. So, can be a tad boring after a while...

But if it's a coupla sheilas squaring off? Well, along with the aesthetic element there's no rule book to start with, which makes the show more watchable IMO. It's a bit like the difference between boxing and mud wrestling.

Take this little snarkfest between Sam Armytage and Virginia Hausegger. As the Daily Mail reports:

Senior ABC journalist Virginia Haussegger has revealed she was once on an interview panel which failed to give Sunrise presenter Samantha Armytage a job.

This revelation comes after an ongoing public argument between the women which started when Haussegger wrote a scathing opinion piece about an embarrassing Sunrise segment, labelling Armytage a 'bimbo'.

Armytage hit back by saying she didn't know who the ABC journalist was - but that backfired on social media when Haussegger told the world how they had met.

Will be interesting to see if this fires up any more, or just peters -- sorry, petas -- out.

But just on Hausegger's original sledging of Armytage: Interesting how feminists often get so viciously sexist when criticizing other women, eh? In this example, Hausegger called Armytage a "mindless bimbo". Yet any male journo using such a term to describe a high profile woman would risk being widely lambasted as misogynist -- especially if she were one of the socialist sisterhood. Could easily lose his job, or have to publicly plead for forgiveness for his crimes against all of chickdom to retain it.

So, massive double standards apply, as is so often the case. Still, this farcical element kinda makes the whole show more entertaining, don't ya reckon?

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