Sunday, February 7, 2016

Is "malsplaining" Turnbull losing favour with tribal leftie luvvies?

One thing you can count on with the Left is that sooner or later they start to eat their own. Sure, they see conservatives as contemptible "unpeople". But often their most intense hatred is reserved for those who are on their side, or once were.

This is due to the obvious impracticality of their stupid ideology. They just can't figure out that demanding special consideration for one group will eventually piss off others.

The ongoing Oscars racism ruckus is an example of this. Leftie (liberal) black actors said they were being treated unfairly. Then Julie Delpy said "hang on, what about us chicks?"! Then Ian McKellen chimed in with "don't forget the gays". And just recently black comedian Chris Rock -- who's actually hosting the supposedly white supremacist awards ceremony (sheesh, no contradiction there, eh!) -- lambasted Jennifer Lawrence (world's highest paid actress, who thinks she's some kinda victim of sexism!) and said "try being a black woman!". And on and on it goes...

Lefties are just so tribal, aren't they? They simply must blame someone else for their own misery. They must form a pack. They must pile on and kick the crap out of their enemies. They just can't help themselves, the poor little poppets.

I think this same process is starting to happen here in Australia with our current PM. Sure, Malcolm Turnbull isn't a leftie radical by any means. (Actually, I don't think he has any strong political passions. Just stole the top job to satisfy his relentless hunger for power and glory.) But he's certainly beloved by many lefties across Oz -- particularly those in the meeja -- and he knows it. That's why he's been showing them so much respect and mouthing their platitudes.

But now I think they're starting to get sick of him. They want action, not talk. They want to see some sort of grand revolutionary program in the tradition of Whitlam -- you know, something that will prove that he's truly one of their number.

But all he does is blather on and talk down to people. Conservatives express their disdain for this by calling him the "Wentworth Waffler". Lefty feminist chicks, on the other hand, call this "malsplaining". Of course this is a variation on their misandrist term "mansplaining". While it's just a snarky little word I think it's quite significant. By associating his behaviour so closely with something they obviously detest, they're saying "you're not one of us, pal".

I believe this sentiment will gather momentum as the days wear on and there's more pressure on him from fellow LNP pollies like Cory Bernardi to satisfy the Coalition's traditional, conservative base. The wider electorate, too, will force him to be less right-on and more realistic -- particularly when it comes to the growing terror threat. If he does make a few hard calls these will further enrage the leftie luvvies.

IMO the leftie romance with Turnbull is close to being over. Sooner or later there'll be a clear falling out. They won't demonize him to the extent they have Abbott. But he will eventually become a bona fide hate figure along the lines of Mark Latham, I reckon.

What do you think?


  1. He is beginning to look like Rudd: all ego and no substance. People have less tolerance for that style of pollie since Rudd made such a mess of the PM job.

    1. Have heard a few pundits make this comparison. I think it has a lot of validity. Among other similarities both of them have a hugely inflated sense of their own abilities, and can be very cruel to underlings. Abbott, on the other hand, wasn't like that at all.

  2. Media will turn against Turnbull eventually but they invested heavily in him to depose Abbott so the honeymoon will extend beyond election. Media criticism switched focus to Shorten almost immediately once Abbott was gone. It was the first time since Shorten took the leadership that he was scrutinised. The media's usual modus operandi is to deathride political leaders in turn, confecting controversy, stoking unrest & thus creating discussion points (ie work) for themselves & their beltway affiliates, like lobbyists, commentators & pollsters. But Abbott broke new ground, being completely anathema to Left-dominant ideology in media. The onslaught was relentless & unstoppable - he had to go. The sicker of Abbott's critics (& I mean sick in a truly pathological sense) are STILL attacking him - constant sneering derision. Turnbull understands he has a massive stockpile of goodwill in the media, who, as mentioned, are either focused on Shorten &/or still obsessed with Abbott's demise. As a result, Turnbull has spent 5 months doing nothing because he doesn't need to. His only policy has been a billion dollar Innovation Statement whose sole purpose was to sell to the public a point of difference with Abbott. It matters not that it will achieve nought. Turnbull will win the election, Labor will change leaders, & the media will have been complicit in 'successfully' installing their preferred candidate. Only in the next term when serious policy implications & discussions occur will Turnbull be placed under any sort of media scrutiny.

    1. Thanks for these thoughts.

      Some of the more intense Abbott-haters are truly psychologically sick. Their campaign of hatred succeeded, but they're still obsessed with him. He must haunt their dreams!

      They need help. But somehow, I don't think they'll seek it. Prollly proud of being so full of hate for him...

      (Like that term "deathride" BTW! Will have to use it sometime.)

  3. The results in the by-election for Joe Hockey's old seat in North Sydney killed the Laborites-Love-Malcolm stone dead. No ALP candidate, so the lefties could have strolled in to vote for Turnbull's boy without a pang of conscience. Instead, there was a swing against the Liberals. Far worse than anticipated. And one in four voters stayed home - not unusual for a by-election; but in this particular by-election, you would have expected a strong showing for the PM that polls keep telling us is far more popular than the man he betrayed.
    Turnbull has only ever been popular with the media and with people who had no intention of voting for him. And now he's put himself in an impossible position. If he goes too far left he alienates conservative Liberals further; if he adheres to the right he'll become a target for the lefties. Shorten meanwhile continues to make a bigger arseclown of himself every time he opens his mouth.
    I really thought a stable Abbott government would make Canberra a boring place after the 2013 election.

    1. I think things are going to go really pear-shaped for Turnbull. It's just a matter of when this will happen.

      There's so much talk in the MSM about how massively popular he is. As things stand, of course he'd win easily. But the anger inside the party is building very fast. And he seems not to have done anything to try and address this.

      Riding high in the polls isn't everything. Rudd also had astronomical approval ratings. But eventually the wheels feel off it for him, and Labor, big time. And Turnbull is a lot like Rudd...

      Well, whatever happens it's not gonna be boring.