Thursday, February 4, 2016

David Morrison debacle to spell doom for Australian of the Year?

Pretty obvious that the Australian of the Year award has been totally hijacked by right-on, finger-wagging blowhards. Hell, it should actually be renamed Social Justice Warrior of The Year!

The last few winners have been increasingly PC and sanctimonious -- annoying the crap out of a huge chunk of the Australian population. But the latest recipient, David Morrison, has turned out to be the most, er, problematic by far. His conduct in the years leading up to his winning of the award is coming under increasing media scrutiny. Looks pretty clear that he threw some fine soldiers under the bus as he ponced about before the cameras proclaiming zero tolerance for military misogyny.

David Morrison looks to me like the classic SJW. (BTW, here's a great book on their psychology and tactics.) Like all of them he appears to be what I would call a political narcissist. They claim to care deeply about social justice, equality, fairness, morality, etc. But deep down they don't give a rat's. They think everything is about them and their precious fee-fees. They only seek power and glory for themselves, and are more than happy to destroy the careers of better people on the way up to achieve this goal. And if they are finally held to account for the harm they've caused and forced to leave they'll happily trash the joint on the way out!

I think this is what might happen with Morrison. There's a massive push from within the army to have him hand back his award. And his cynical treatment of one now ex-soldier unfairly linked to the "Jedi Council" scandal was just appalling. (Ben Fordham's interview with this guy is well worth a listen.) Now Jaqui Lambie's gunning for Morrison as well. Crikey! It's a full-on, multi-pronged assault. Just as well he's a battle-hardened former soldier, 'cause it's war, no doubt about it!

And if prominent feminists -- whose support and ideological instruction were instrumental in his rise to prominence -- had any moral courage and principle, they'd be attacking him too. Why? Because he's charging way more for speeches than his female predecessor Rosie Batty did. Pretty poor form for a bloke who bangs on about gender equity, don't ya think?

But of course the frightbats won't do this. He's in the tent with them so, like Tammy Wynette, they'll stand by their man no matter what.

Given the size of the forces lined against him, and the well established fact that SJWs always double down and never surrender the ground they've stolen, then this battle could get bloody indeed.

If he hangs on until the bitter end the award is completely and utterly stuffed. It will be a poisoned chalice for years hence. But if his critics ultimately prevail and he is forced to resign his position as Australian of the Year then his frightbat boosters will be baying for blood. If their chosen candidate doesn't win next year they'll do all they can to discredit the one who does.

It's definitely a lose-lose situation. If subsequent governments have any sense they'll realize this and just euthanase the entire bloody award! That really would be the most humane thing. Unlikely, of course, but possible.

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