Saturday, February 6, 2016

Julian Assange saga riddled with politically correct absurdities

Some quick thoughts on this seemingly endless Julian Assange saga. It really shows how crazy the world can become when lefties have so much control over things. Absurdities abound! Too many to list all in one post but here are some:

Assange, who bangs on about freedom of information and the importance of transparency, etc, is a control freak who even threatened to sue The Guardian -- which was always very much in his corner.

Then there's the fact that he divulged squillions of state secrets, yet claims to have not put any lives at risk! Of course his leftie fanboys and girls go along with that line unquestioningly. "Snitching" is only bad when their foes do it... Not surprising that these same dupes, who think of him as such a hero speaking truth to power, are often the ones most determined to see people silenced for their politically incorrect views.

Now, the UN says he's been "arbitrarily detained". Eh? He chose to hide rather than face justice.

Another leftie hero, Edward Snowden, reckons Britain's rejection of the UN's pro-Assange view sets a bad precedent and "writes a pass for every dictatorship to reject UN rulings". Eh? The UN writes a pass for dictators by letting them join in the first place! Everyone knows it's chockas with tyrants. Not only that, it gives them a platform to lecture free, open democracies on human rights! FFS.

Then there's Sweden, where this whole tawdry soap opera began. It's one of the most pro-feminist nations on Earth, with extremely strict rape laws. From what I've read it seems unlikely that in most other Western countries whatever Assange was alleged to have done would have even resulted in charges in the first place. But if he'd been a Muslim? The Swedes prolly would have charged the women instead...

Really, what a clusterf**k.

Well, whatever happens from now on I feel a bit sorry for Julian even though he's a narcissistic arsehat. Being holed up indoors these last few years has not been kind to him. He's aged heaps and is actually starting to resemble Gandalf. For the next biopic they'll have to get Sir Ian McKellen to play him.

(That said, there's another possible explanation for the long grey mane and beard. Maybe he was planning to get away unnoticed from the Ecuadorian Embassy disguised as an alpaca? Given all the other absurdities related to this saga, I wouldn't be surprised if that were actually the case.)

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  1. I don't feel sorry for him at all. His current situation is his own creation. The dismal little grub should come out and cooperate with the Swedish legal system. If the charges are as unfounded as he says, they will quickly be dismissed. Perhaps he chooses to stay in hiding because he knows the charges are well-founded.