Thursday, September 11, 2014

EPA shark cull ruling prompts crowing from creepy Greens

Looks like bong-suckling, Gaia-worshipping crazies over here in the wild west have finally gotten their way when it comes to Colin Barnett's shark mitigation strategy. The EPA, which is clearly afflicted with more than its fair share of wild-eyed shrub humpers, has rejected the State Government's proposal to continue the so-called cull for the next three years.

EPA Chairman Dr Vogel said the decision "erred on the side of the environment". I'd say "erred" is the operative word. Well, if he wants to do some more erring in future, I suggest he should err on the side of humanity for once -- for balance if nothing else.

Cynical opportunist Mark McGowan has leapt in to bitch-slap Barnett in the wake of the ruling. He may well rue the day he did this if he ever becomes Premier and finds himself in a similar position to Barnett.

Not sure what happens next, but looks like it might just be kaput for The West Australian Government's reasonable, targeted and politically responsible approach to a serious problem -- imperfect though it clearly was.

All I can say is that if no noahs are terminated with extreme prejudice in the ensuing summer or next and one of them decides to gobble another human, let it be on the heads of the human hating shark-huggers. And if you think that accusation of misanthropy is a tad OTT then consider this revealing quote from creepy Greens MP Lynn MacLaren:

"Over three-and-half months last summer, 172 sharks, all of which are supposed to be protected in WA, were captured, and most of them we know subsequently died a slow death that achieved nothing to increase human safety.

"We mourn them but for now, today is a cause for a big celebration, for so much hard work by many good people."

This loopy woman is openly grieving over a bunch of bloody fish! Can you believe it? What about the people their toothy brethren killed? Any sorrow for them? Nope. As always, crickets.

Well, I'm glad she's revealed her sickening priorities in such a vivid way. The more humans who realize what she and her fellow travellers actually feel about the human race the better.


  1. Lynn MacLaren should know that 'mourn' is not a word to be used lightly. You must ALWAYS go full mourn.
    And spare a thought maybe for guy in Byron Bay who became a shark's lunch last week.

    1. G6 that link is almost unbelievable. I wonder if they realised while in full rocking grief mode they were killing small bugs nestling in Gaia's bosom. :-)

    2. Bugs? Dammit, David, bugs aren't trees!

  2. I say put them all together in a big tank, that is the Greenies and their ever-loving shark pals, and let the love-in begin.

    1. The expected outcome would be for the sharks to chow down on the shark huggers, resulting in plump, happy sharks. But considering how often your average greenie has indulged in cannabis over the years, their cells would be chockas with the stuff.

      I suspect your average noah might find the smell of bong smoked ham repellent, and consequently refuse to attack.