Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Endeavour Hills violence disproves Q and A conspiracy theories

I suspect that a fair few conspiracy minded leftie arsehats all across Oz will be suffering serious cognitive dissonance today after news of that shooting in Endeavour Hills. After all, it blows a hole in their conviction that the Government's increased security measures are all part of some grand diabolical plan to keep us collectively packin' our dacks about a non-existent terror threat.

Needless to say, even before this act of violence any sensible person could see that being on high alert was completely sane and reasonable. But some people will not be swayed, of course. I suspect that a small proportion of the pinko population will even believe the whole knife attack and subsequent lethal shooting was a sinister act of political theatre engineered by the eeevil Tony Abbott's sinister henchpeople.

Such silliness is fed by Hollywood, of course. But the brimming bolshies at their ABC have done much to promote these delusions, too. Take the most recent episode of Q and A for example. It was an anti-western, conspiracy nut, terrorist apologist sneer-fest.

So ironic that the episode was called "Be Alert but not Alarmed" 'cause the things that any alert Aussie would have found most alarming were the creepy views of the majority of the panelists, not to mention those of the radicals in the audience. And it's stunningly hypocritical of the hand-wringing finger waggers of Aunty's Army to keep condemning Rupert Murdoch for presenting Islam as an overwhelmingly radical, intolerant religion. If anyone's guilty of that it's them!

Just watch that particular episode and you'll see what I mean. It's chockas with jaw-dropping lunacy and nastiness. Plenty of yuks, too. One of the funniest lines comes when Anne-Azza Aly says it's a nonsense to say that Muslims don't integrate, since "you've got two Muslim women sitting here on this panel".

Eh? Being a Q and A guest blowhard is not a sign of integration into mainstream society. Rather, it's the opposite: yet another example of the ABC pandering to a loud minority.

And anyway her claim was factually incorrect. The panel actually had four Muslim women if you included Tony Jones and Scott Ludlam ...


  1. His big mistake was to go to a gunfight with a knife while shouting "Allah runs a gay bar".

    Hope he got to Paradise before the virgins supply ran out.

    Shanah tovah Matt

  2. Counting Tony and Scott as women will REALLY bring the frightbats down on you, Matt.

  3. "The panel actually had four Muslim women if you included Tony Jones and Scott Ludlam ..."


  4. Thought you might like to know that your link from Blair's blog is broken/going to your old site I assume.

    1. Thanks for the note. Actually it's been that way for a while. (Yes, it was to my old site.)

      I did send an e-mail to Tim about this. But I just think he's been too busy to update those links. Many others are out of date also.