Sunday, September 14, 2014

The sooner she leaves the better ... but she won't

"The sooner she leaves the better." Has there ever been a more perfect, pithy phrase to describe the toxic legacy of Julia Eileen Gillard?

This priceless line was originally included in the minutes of a Slater and Gordon meeting almost twenty years ago. Its context is extremely significant. This is and was the nation's number one ambulance chasing law firm, remember. It's chockas with the most sneeringly sanctimonious latte leftists you could imagine. They don't just get emotional satisfaction from bashing business like most lefties do. They make a damn fine living doing so! Hell, it's Pinko Parasite Central -- and they couldn't wait to see the back of her.

Fast forward to this century, and the rolling chaos of her disastrous reign as the nation's PM. For what seemed like a bloody eternity, almost the entire country was thinking "the sooner she leaves the better".

Macquarie Dictionary needs to make another Gillard inspired update. Forget about Typhoid Mary. Make way for Ebola Julia.

Now at least the voters have gotten rid of Gillard. But not those unfortunate enough to be members of the more right-on tribes of the Australian electorate. The Labor Party is stuck with her. The union movement as well. Feminists, particularly of the leftist kind will have to carry the odium of this grim, ghastly, relentless woman indefinitely.

You. Poor. Bastards.

Sadder still is that these same socialists will never learn the lesson from the endless, tawdry Gillard saga (or that there is a lesson, for that matter). It, like countless examples beforehand, tells us the bleedin' obvious: Demanding equality of outcome will always bite you on the arse in the end.

If you place gender over merit, judge men and women by different standards, then add narrow ideological requirements to that mix (eg that to qualify as a bona fide woman, you have to be pro-abortion, a la Emily's List) you've seriously denuded your talent pool already ...

And way back when Gillard's career got started, if her ideological boosters thought she was the best of them, how dreadful must the others have been?



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  2. Her book has already had a price mark down.

    That says enough.