Saturday, July 3, 2021

ScoMo is counting on the silence of the sheeple

Sure I'm not alone in thinking of that classic scene from The Silence of the Lambs upon hearing ScoMo offer the terms upon which our "freedom" might be granted: “If you get vaccinated, you get to change how we live as a country. You get to change how you live in Australia.”

Of course if you were to perform a parody of it, the line would be:

"It sticks the needle in its skin, or else it gets the mask again."

I first learned of this astonishingly brazen statement from the Australian Prime Minister on Twitter from Laura Jayes, who distilled it neatly into its two chilling components. 

I suppose that makes her an Aussie version of Clarice Starling? 

We all know who the poor hostage at the bottom of the well is. That's us. 

But who's Hannibal the Cannibal? I'm thinking maybe George Soros, Bill Gates, or some other globalist ghoul ... 

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