Tuesday, December 13, 2016

No Gender December is a dishonest social engineering campaign

Sure I'm not alone in being creeped out by "No Gender December", an Orwellian campaign by PC social engineers telling people what to buy for their sprogs this Chrissie. What business is it of theirs anyhow?

Sure, they're exhorting you do to this online. So it's not like they're swaggering into your joint on Christmas Day and saying, "This is allowed, but this is verboten!". Give 'em time, though. I'm sure many of them dream of having that much power ...

It's the underlying attitude that is so sinister. The program's promoters are arrogantly telling the people of Oz -- and perhaps other nations given the United Nations involvement, along with the international "voices of support" shown on the website -- that they have a better idea of what's good for their kids than they do. Think about that.

Of course the campaign is chockas with right-on quackademics spouting "society's to blame" claptrap. The smug exhortations on the site itself are classic cultural Marxism. Their view of what's actually going on is completely arse about as usual. An example:

Corporations’ interests lie in making money, not in childhood development. Don’t let them dictate your child’s interests, skills, perspectives… their future.

Yes, corporations are primarily into making money. And they do this by giving kids what they want. They don't tell them what they should want. That's why when corporations do kowtow to this kind of PC madness their sales go down.

It’s time to bring gender equality to the world of toys and children.

Note the authoritarian tone of this statement. Yet in the next section they quack on about freedom of choice. Such duplicitous weasels.

Let’s create opportunities for kids to develop a broad range of skills, support them in discovering a whole rainbow of colours, encourage them to learn about themselves and each other, free from the limitations of gender stereotypes.

Love how they sneak in that little "rainbow" metaphor too. Gee, I wonder what that was about?

We’re raising individuals. Not gender stereotypes.

Bollocks, you're proselytising. You're gaslighting parents and confusing sprogs so they eventually end up psychosexually messed up. It's a sneaky gender based variation on "divide and conquer". It's another small step in the grand cultural Marxist plan to destroy Western civilization from within.

These totalitarian creeps see us all as nothing more than dolls to play with. So it's kinda apt that they're fixated on Ken and Barbie.


  1. Yes, corporations are primarily into making money. And they do this by giving kids what they want.


  2. Some interesting background on the whole sexual crossover biz here.

  3. Bang on... loved your writing particularly 'quackademics'