Friday, December 30, 2016

Paul Simon, Steve Martin slimed by SJWs over Carrie Fisher tweets

Not surprising that obnoxious frightbats and other SJWs piled on with abuse of various celebrities tweeting their condolences after the death of Carrie Fisher. When it comes to shaming others, these ghastly bullies have absolutely none themselves.

Two entertainment icons who suffered social media slimings were Paul Simon and Steve Martin. The former had been married to Carrie Fisher at one time and committed the sin of calling her a “girl”.

The SJWs did what they always do, which is to be offended on behalf of someone who wasn't. Now, if Ms Fisher were still alive and had found the term offensive I'm sure she would have said so, and presumably to Simon himself.

In any case he was the one who knew her, and extremely well, for many years. If anyone had the right to decide how to describe her it was him. Also, the guy was grieving, and from a deeply personal loss -- not the death of an idol he'd never met. You'd think the perpetually outraged would be capable of a bit of compassion -- particularly when they're always accusing others of being so lacking in it.

Then there's the double standard. If the term “girl” is so appalling, why no outrage over Clementine Ford, who exhorts chicks to fight like one?

And Steve Martin's crime in the gimlet eyes of the tone and thought police? Apparently he objectified and thereby commodified the late Ms Fisher, imprisoning her for all time within the confines of his “male gaze”.
Amazing that this tweet provoked such outrage, given he was also remarking on her shining intellect. Even a decade or so back this would probably have been seen as an exemplary pro-feminist quote. Not now, with so many marauding fauxminist crybullies just itching to be offended.

Martin was obviously mortified by this reaction, and as a result pulled the tweet. Bad move. In the tiny mind of the SJW, to back down or apologize is to admit guilt. So, they just go in harder with the abuse.

It's also more likely to become a mainstream media story because it's a case of a famous person admitting failure and journos can take a “fall from grace” angle. That's obviously more compelling than merely reporting on how a buncha sad leftie losers arced up about something online.

That's exactly what's happened here. Many MSM outlets are running this story about Martin's alleged “sexism”.

Simon, on the other hand, didn't apologize for what he tweeted. It's still up there. Which I suspect is why MSM reports about his tweet focused on his grief over his loss, rather than accusations of wrongthink.

So, there's something for slebs -- and plebs -- to remember. When SJWs attack ignore them, or attack back. But don't back down or apologize. You'll almost certainly make things worse for yourself if you do. 

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  1. Just wait till they see what I'm going to say when Lena Dunham carks it...