Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tucker Carlson's flaying of liberals is entertaining and educational

If you don't already know about Tucker Carlson, you should. He's a Fox News commentator with his own popular show.

His specialty is politely flaying emotive liberals using reason and argument. (Though even if he didn't do this I think I'd still be a fan. It's just his name. It rocks!)

He utterly destroys 'em one after another. Check out his recent take down of Lauren Duca. This fauxminist frightbat implied in a tweet that Ivanka Trump somehow deserved the abuse hurled at her by a coupla gay Stalinists while she was on a plane with her kids. Carlson called her out on this, among other things.

I love the quizzical look on his face as the ditzy broad babbles on at length. He's patiently letting her have her say, while being inwardly gobsmacked at her stupidity. At one point he says “What does that even mean?” It's a hoot! And it beautifully encapsulates the frustration that all based adults have with the child-brained proponents of political correctness.

The Duca exchange is by no means exceptional. He routinely roasts these tragic tossers to a crunchy crisp. Actually, it really makes me wonder why they keep lining up to go on his show …

Perhaps it's because they are so deluded that they think that by losing their cool and incoherently blathering on about racism, sexism, homophobia and all the rest of it, without ever citing any facts, they are necessarily winning the argument! This total misreading of what actually occurred is then reinforced many times over by their numerous fellow travellers on social media.

It seems the more completely Carlson shows a liberal up to be a sanctimonious know-nothing, the more united and vociferous his fellow liberals are in claiming that their PC pal “really showed him”. As a result the blowhard in question is even more secure in his delusion than he was pre-Tuckering. So silly, because to any sane, rational adult he just looked like a bizarre adult baby sulking, pouting, and sometimes dummy-spitting at his interrogator because he couldn't answer simple, direct questions.

The utter arse-aboutness of their perception of reality is so characteristic of the liberal-left. You see it over and over again in ways both big and small.

It seems their whole worldview is based mostly on completely reversing whatever conservatives believe, regardless of any other consideration. What an utterly idiotic approach!

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