Thursday, November 3, 2016

Van Badham lambastes the "testosterone left"

You gotta hand it to Vanessa "Van" Badham. She certainly doesn't do things by halves! Check out her latest rant in The Guardian. In it she desperately tries to portray Hillary Clinton as a champion for chickdom and throws shade on the "testosterone left".

Eh? Given how nagged and cowed males are on her side of politics, I'm surprised they even have any testosterone left ...

In any case, isn't reducing gender to hormones verboten these days (in the same way that accusing Islam of misogyny is, er, haram)? I mean, isn't the PC line that everyone is, like, gender fluid, and you can choose and discard your sexual identity kinda like a hairstyle? Clearly Ms Badham, along with her fellow "feisty feminist" Clementine Ford, who is currently exhorting every chick in Oz to "fight like a girl" -- itself now deemed a problematic phrase -- didn't get the memo.

That said, I suppose those so-called standards are never truly meant to be applied equally, across the board. That's "patriarchal elitism" innit? Accusations of misogyny, homophobia, racism, etc are only used to bash those on the conservative side of politics. If you're one of the socialist anointed you get a big fat free pass.

But this pro-Hillary puff piece is notable because Van is having a go at a segment of her own side, in a way ... Clearly her twin obsessions are her gender, and her lunar left politics. And the possibility that an eeevil white male capitalist might actually become the USA's Big Enchilada is stressing her out big time. And when it comes to what she deems the bigger threat it's gender that, er, trumps ideology. So she's dissing the bolshie blokes big time.

So silly ... Those "Bernie bros" (along with their "Sanders sisters") are actually far more authentically progressive than Hillary ever was or could ever be. Trying to make HRC seem like some kinda feminist hero is like trying to polish the world's biggest turd with a thimble full o' spit!

Even an exemplary lefty sleb like Susan Sarandon hates Hillary's guts. She's now endorsing Jill Stein. Then there's iconic blue collar comedian Roseanne Barr, who's loathing of Bill Clinton's wife goes back many years. She's now riding atop the Trump train, telling anyone who'll listen.

Why doesn't Ms Badham have a go at them? Her rant makes absolutely no sense at all ... Not that any of them do, BTW. But this is surely one of her dippiest so far.


  1. .... an eeevil white male capitalist might actually be elected America's Big Enchilada ....

    Mr Trump may be evil - though I doubt that, is "white" and male -- and may, indeed, be elected. (And for his election, I pray and trust -- and will vote!) But career-cronyist, lifetime "liberal" (fascissocialist) "Democrat," RINO, Mr Trump, likely wouldn't know a Capitalist if one of them was a big dog and was ... um ... "riding on his back," at the time. Unless it barked.

  2. I'm not sure what your powerlevel is MH

    Have you seen this documentary? The creator of this was assaulted and put into a coma. What were they trying to censor in the video?