Saturday, August 31, 2013

Robotic Rudd heading for mega-meltdown?

Most people think that Kevin Rudd is a bit if a strange one. But I think he's more than strange. I think he might just be a robot.

I mean, watch him. His avuncular nerd persona is so contrived, it hardly appears to be organic. Actually, it seems more like it's been programmed by some geeks having a laugh.

Then there's his emotionless voice, and the absurd verbosity. And watch his hand movements when he points to reporters, etc. Mechanical as all get out!

And what about his astonishing psychological imperviousness. No human -- even a psychopath -- could have survived that all out assault from his own side after his second tilt at the Lodge after being knifed by Gillard. Yet he did, and came back to win.

Kevin Rudd 2.0 is one hard-arsed uber-droid. But even machines have their limits. And it looks like the machine we call the PM is finally starting to fall apart after years of constant pressure and no maintenance.

Take that strange presser in Perth. It was pretty obvious that Rudd was very close to boiling point. He's been programmed to win at all costs, see. And the increasing likelihood that he might just lose -- and big -- simply does not compute. With pretty much every pundit in Oz predicting a Coalition landslide, the odds of the PM chucking a full on cyber flame-out a la the creepy android Ash from Alien are pretty damn high, I reckon.

In the video below the monomaniacal contraption attempts to off Ripley with a rolled up magazine, and is set upon by the crew before winding up as a talking head covered in yicky white android blood.

Dunno about you, but I can easily envisage the Ruddster meeting a similar end after losing it with one of his assistants. 

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  1. Nah, not a robot. He/it breaks all of Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics. Kevni of Kokoda [and Tarin Kot (outside the wire)] is more like the Kraken from Wyndham's book - slimy, emerges from the depths and destroys anything it comes across - until the 7th of course when I trust he will be consigned to the depths forever. In my 53 years as a voter there have been a few politicians I disliked, some quite vehemently, but Kevni is the first one I have despised.