Monday, August 26, 2013

Fake "undecided" voter at Brisbane people's forum one of many

Not surprised by the revelation that a zealous young Labor supporter called Gabrielle Ward purported to be an undecided voter so she could ask a question at the Brisbane people's forum recently. As Bolta remarks, there seems to be a lot of this happening lately, particularly on Q and A.

Certainly confirms what I've long thought. At the beginning of pretty much every episode of that show you'll see that those who claim to vote LNP outnumber the other voter categories. But if you look at the actual audience you'll see that the majority are borderline retarded whippersnappers, smug middle class wankers, and dirty, smelly ol' hippies. And we all know that people in these sad demographics overwhelmingly "dress to the left" (if they can dress themselves, that is).

Inevitably, Q and A audience members' questions will focus mainly on tragic ol' leftie obsessions such as catastrophic climate change, the hideous cruelty of the "race to the bottom" by the major parties on border policy, gay marriage, eeevil Rupert Murdoch, the appalling rise of misogyny in Australia and the countless shortcomings of the puritanical pugilist Tony Abbott.

Sure, I can't actually prove this, but it's pretty bloody obvious that as they enter the venue for the taping a fair whack of the crowd will happily lie about their political allegiance in a brazen attempt to discredit conservative claims of left-wing bias at the national broadcaster. And they do it week in, week out, at numerous venues all over Oz.

My suspicion is that some are young Labor luvvies like Gabrielle Ward. But the vast majority of those engaging in this widespread and repeated con are Greens supporters. Labor types will resort to dishonesty far more easily than normal folk, sure. But at least they do usually have a moral code, even if they don't use it that often. Hard core Greens supporters, on the other hand, lie as easy as breathing. They get off on it, too.

After all, their whole mission is to white-ant Western civilization at every opportunity. They hate the very idea of universal morality -- seeing at as some sort of eeevil white male plot to control women, gays, minorities, and, er, bilbies. So in their tiny, often bong addled minds, when they fob themselves off as conservatives they don't see it for what it truly is: gutlessly telling porkies. Hilariously, they actually believe they're bravely striking a blow for the dispossessed! Makes 'em feel like members of the French Resistance during the Nazi Occupation, or something.

Gawd, what pathetic skulking little weasels they are ...


  1. And then she went and bragged about it on Facebook. Nice work, kid. Sure hope you can make that $50 last. You've given prospective employers a lot to think about.
    If there's been one benefit to social networks and services like Twitter, it's that idiots - and they seem to be mostly leftoid idiots - will cheerfully expose themselves there for all the world to see. Gone are the days of 'I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.' They incriminate themselves on a daily basis! And then afterwards they try to bury the evidence. But the internet is a long way from Orwell's memory hole.

    And may I say, Matt, it's good to hear from you again.

    1. The fact that they so often do this is quite astonishing. When are people going to realize that when they write something online it's usually visible to pretty much anyone in the world with an internet connection!

      Actually, I feel a bit sorry for her. What she did was pretty silly but it's not the worst transgression in the world. Yet she's received a lot of public condemnation over it. While a lot of her leftie peers will perceive her to be way cooler as a result it could have negative ramifications for her employment prospects down the track as you point out.

      Re posting delay: Good to be back political blogging (and thanks for kind words). Been busy with other projects. Have let some blogs slide.

  2. G#6 you have nailed it. At some future job interview [presupposing Ms Ward has the ability to make the application]she is going to find it a rather awkward situation to deal with unless of course she lies again and says, "No it wasn't me just someone who looks like me and with the same name and the same smart arse smirk." Sort of a Craig Thomson moment.