Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Abbott's Internet" ad campaign another example of Labor waste

As the spin-obsessed smarties in Labor become increasingly nervous about their chances of holding onto government, they're trying ever more desperate tactics. Abbott-focused smear campaigns are in high gear, and they're really pulling out all the slops.

As well as relentless and vicious personal attacks they're flogging a line about his team being a bunch of utter bozos re the interwebs. The latest example is a daffy online campaign attempting to convince people that they should vote Labor because Abbott's internet plan is way behind the rest of the world.

Even if everything they say in it were true (highly unlikely) how many votes would it garner? Buggerall, that's for sure. Fact is, most people in the country are concerned about slightly more important issues than their bloody internet connections. Only a few vapid tech-heads addicted to file-sharing and movie downloading would think this was a crucal enough issue to alter their vote.

Yet Labor clearly think it's worth a shot and have poured a whole lot of taxpayers' money into this stupid, pointless campaign. They flew a production crew, along with some actors, all over the world to get these reactions from locals that they believe will be enormously persuasive. Imagine how much this would have cost (not to mention the appalling carbon footprint it left!). It's yet another example of Labor splashing (our) cash around in a desperate attempt to cling to power. 

My guess is that it won't win one new vote. On the contrary, its glaring wastefulness will probably have the opposite effect.


  1. Err, you might want to double check exactly how election campaign propaganda is paid for. Because it definitely AINT the taxpayer funding this.

  2. So you were too lazy to fact check such a simple thing as international internet speeds before posting this.
    Are you just happy to live in ignorance...or was your internet too slow for you to make the effort and check?

    1. Don't think you've answered Matt's question Nonny. Resorting to insults is neither intelligent or adult. A bit like resorting to a tag "Anonymous". Kol tuv.

  3. "Only a few vapid tech-heads addicted to file-sharing and movie downloading"
    Wrong. Faster, consistent speeds and a more reliable network would do wonders for the education sector and businesses. As an online student, fast and reliable internet access is important for me to be able to study efficiently and effectively. Australians in remote communities do not have this luxury because their internet access is so poor.

    As a b&b host, I'm always hearing my European and American guests' disbelief that Australians are still counting their downloads and services like Netflix and HBO are yet to be seen here. Unlimited broadband plans are common in the US and Europe, and most people combine their phone, internet and TV subscriptions for one relatively small fee. This is of course because they have fibre networks available to them today.

    If Australians want any chance at being competitive on a global scale, we need a Fibre to the Home network, not the Liberal Party's half way 'solution'.