Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Peta Credlin's DUI charge vs Gillard and the AWU scandal

It's not at all surprising that leftists are already attributing the dropping of Peta Credlin's DUI charge to borderline corruption by the Liberal Party. It's early days with this particular issue but I'm sure they'll keep seething about it for as long as they can. We'll probably even see a coupla competing conspiracy theories ...

Makes a marked contrast to how they reacted to Julia Gillard's alleged involvement in the AWU scandal. Without a doubt she stonewalled for years and even personally bullied media big wigs to keep the story suppressed. And during that whole period lefties either remained completely silent, or actively joined the campaign for censorship of reporting of this issue. They're still saying "nothing to see here folks, move along" even though the Victorian coppers are investigating the former PM.

Sure, these people aren't the sharpest pencils in the box, generally speaking. They'll just believe anything their thought leaders tell them. But the smarter ones creep me out. They must see how condemning Credlin and the Libs while defending Labor and Gillard is an outrageous double standard. Yet they do it anyway. If that's not a kind of corruption in itself, it's pretty damn close.

That said, if Gillard does end up in the clink, it can be seen as a plus for Labor. They will be able to finally truthfully say that they do have at least one conviction politician.


  1. "They will be able to finally truthfully say that they do have at least one conviction politician" Priceless. They could have also claimed Thomson as he is on the way to being convicted. The "Fewfacts Media" are bloody hypocrites.

  2. I hadn't heard about Ms Credlin's case, but a quick scan of the news reports filled me in.
    Did Peta Credlin attempt to excuse herself with 'young and naive'? No. She admitted her guilt.
    Has this charge been hanging over her head for a decade or more? No. The offence was committed only four months ago.
    Did Peta Credlin heavy media contacts in an attempt to bury the story? Safe bet that the media would have gone to Defcon 3 if she had.
    Well, this is what we can expect for the next three years. The press will suddenly start doing their job again. With added zeal, to cover any guilt they may have self-inflicted while keeping quiet about Labor's antics. If a Liberal backbencher tries to sneak one out sideways during Question Time, we can be sure it will be headline news.

    PS: Seen the reports about the twitter barrage aimed at Warren Mundine?

  3. Love to hear people speaking the truth!
    I'm starting to feel like myself again after the crap of the last 6 years. It's like white clouds of peace without Juliar and Kevin on the news!

    I hope the media start realising the role they played propping that group of self serving incompetents!

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