Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Spicer, Harmer and feminist trollective nag Julie Bishop

I'm always amazed at the extreme pettiness of the witless, humourless, emotionally retarded Australian Left -- in particular as it pertains to chickdom. Sheesh, do these whingers ever give feminism a bad name!

Take all that outrage at Julie Bishop refusing to identify as feminist. Hell, if they actually believed in female empowerment like they say they do you'd think they'd be glad she refused to use that label, or at least not be bothered either way.

But nup. The sour faced sob sisters can't handle a truly independent woman who doesn't have to claim victim status like they do and gets by on merit instead. The fact that she's whip-smart, elegant, and super fit to boot just riles the hatchet-faced termagants even more!

Well, they would react like that wouldn't they? Successful women like Bishop just reveal their pathetic, parasitic ideology for what it is: a massive con. As is the case with so many lefty shibboleths, the idea that women still need PC double standards to succeed is just a giant steaming crock of BS.

Gawd but these sheilas are sad and pathetic. Nasty, too. Check out their reaction to Bishop's tweet about an attack on her by perpetually whining airhead Tracey Spicer:
Then there's this from Wendy Harmer:
Astonishing. These frightbats spend all their time carping about absolutely everything the Government does, often attacking Bishop herself in the most vindictive manner. And then they get all upset because she doesn't identify as one of them!

Their arrogant self-delusion is just mind boggling, isn't it?