Thursday, November 6, 2014

"Good father" Gough Whitlam's legacy celebrated by childish socialists

The older I get and the more I learn about lefties, the clearer their psychology becomes. Their core affliction is one of arrested development. Basically, they just wanna remain kids their entire lives. Like spoiled sprogs, they expect the state to provide absolutely everything to them free of charge and without conditions. And if they screw up, they'll never take responsibility for it. They'll always blame someone or something else for their shoddy behaviour then expect the state to foot the bill for the damage they caused.

In the tiny, neotenous mind of the socialist political leaders are parents whose job it is to look after them in every possible way and bail them out when they're in trouble. This is in stark contrast to the conservative ideal, which sees leaders as adults trying to facilitate the emotional and psychological maturation of the electorate. Tories want to encourage responsible behaviour, self possession and self direction so that the state doesn't have to look after millions of crybabies -- many of them in middle age and beyond -- who are such a massive financial burden upon it.

It's pretty clear that perennially petulant pinkos see their (usually male) leaders like fathers. If they get what they want from them they're over the moon, gushing with endless gratitude. If not, they'll whine and sulk up a storm to punish cruel, heartless daddy for his appalling behaviour.

The embarrassing antics of many of the true believers at Whitlam's memorial service were a clear illustration of this sad syndrome. Take their graceless booing of the current PM Tony Abbott. Christopher Pyne nailed it with this tweet.

Then there was the endless adulation heaped upon their dear departed leader. It was all about what Gough gave them. (Well, that's how they saw it. It wasn't what he gave them. It's what the taxpayers did, even though they weren't asked. And they certainly showed their disdain for this by decisively voting him out of office when they got the chance.)

Cate Blanchett's contribution was just cringeworthy. Apart from it being historically inaccurate, the irony of it was just humungous. I mean, here's the most pampered, elitist, and financially over-rewarded woman in the entire country -- who was hardly underprivileged from the get go anyway -- lauding Gough's wealth redistribution in her direction. Hell, if she thinks he was such a legend for what he did why doesn't she emulate him and sling a slice of her next paycheck in the direction of the dispossessed? Doesn't have to be much, even a quarter would do. That's probably a cool million right there ...

Then there was Noel Pearson's "instant classic" speech. Don't deny the guy's a great orator. But some of what he said was a tad OTT, IMHO.

Like that bit about Gough harbouring "not a bone of ethnic or gender prejudice in his entire body". If true, then it would pretty much qualify him as a secular saint. Racism is not all pervasive, but given that each individual is confined to a male or female body, and hailing from a distinct ethnic group, I think it's well nigh impossible to be completely free of prejudice -- even if it is mainly positive -- about groups you know little or nothing of because by definition you are not one of them.

Anyhoo, this was the same guy who uttered the memorable line about "Vietnamese Balts". Sheesh. Just imagine if John Howard had said that. You'd never hear the end of it ...

But when it comes to Gough Whitlam different standards apply. He's the good father, not the bad one, so in his eulogies all is forgiven and history rewritten.


  1. Gough Whitlam has been enlarged in death over and above what he was in life.
    Voltaire said ""To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only the truth.",the behavior of some of the rabble yesterday certainly showed no respect to the living,but I have come to expect that from the left .

  2. The beatification of Gough will continue unabated. History is being re-written and it will not be long before miracles are attributed to his saintly presence. Not bad for the person who was one of the worst PMs this country has had to cope with.

    The man was a great orator and probably a decent person but as one who had to help pay for his disastrous management of this country I think I'll skip any visit to his shrine.

    As for Pearson's little rant. The currently serving PM has done more for aboriginal Australia than Saint Gough's symbolic efforts.

  3. "Basically, they just wanna remain kids their entire lives."
    I wonder sometimes if it ever occurs to leftwits just what fools they make of themselves. Every now and then a spark of awareness must illuminate the profoundly dark space between their ears...
    Maybe, and maybe not. As you say, Matt, they're stuck in childhood. They don't care what sensible folk think of them - just so long as they DO think of them. Modern leftism can be summed up in three words: Made You Look!
    As for Whitlam... I've heard it said that his natural political home would have been on the right, but he chose Labor and the left because he figured he'd go further and get there faster. However that worked out for him personally, it wasn't such a great deal for the rest of us.