Sunday, November 9, 2014

Greens' #GoWithTheFlow campaign reveals their totalitarian instincts

As we all know, so much of what the Greens are exhorting the good people of Oz to do is life imitating satire. You just couldn't make it up, that's for sure. (It's invariably "political correctness gone mad" as pollies love to say. But I think that's a misnomer anyway. PC is mad, full stop.)

Here's their latest barking exhortation: pee in the shower to save water -- and they're not taking the piss! As usual, the nuttiness of what they endorse is matched by their zeal and they're impressively organized as well. Hell, the crazy campaign has even got its own hashtag (or should that be "slashtag"?): #GoWithTheFlow.

Coupla things stand out for me here: Obviously it's not going to do anything much to save water. Even if every greenie in the country obeyed orders the effect would be negligible -- not unlike the proverbial "drop in the ocean" (and literally so).

Anyway, if you're gonna "tinkle under the sprinkle" as the spookily aptly named Larissa Waters asks, why not just do without the sprinkle? Actually, I think the introduction of tinkling might actually extend the sprinkling, since participating greenies will probably feel less guilty about the amount of water they use, and so will shower for longer than usual as a result.

There's another aspect of it that I think is quite revealing: Showering and peeing are very private matters. Yet in their characteristically bolshie and domineering way the Greens have no compunction about giving instructions related to them. It's as if they're saying: "You thought your ablutions were your own business. But nup. They're ours, too. And we're gonna tell you how to carry 'em out -- for the good of the planet of course."

It's invasive, dishonest, and quite, er, toiletaritarian.

And it reminds me of how commies have such an inordinate interest in that other most private of human bodily functions: sex. They're always telling us how we are to behave in the boudoir, aren't they? Their attitude is promoted as being pro-sexual freedom, but it's actually not that at all because they're determined to stamp out any resistance to their beliefs -- like that offensive notion that marriage is between a man and woman, for example. Their long term aim seems to be to make everyone into tree-hugging, shrub-humping, bilby-frotting polyamorists who want to marry their significant brothers -- or at least be completely at ease with others doing so.

I think it's all driven by their ferocious, relentless drive to get everyone by the short and curlies. And if they can't do that literally, telling people how to run their sex lives, wash themselves and urinate is the next best thing.

In this context #GoWithTheFlow is another example of the ongoing struggle between extreme left-wing collectivism and conservative individualism -- a real case of "me versus wee".


  1. Nobody will want to use a shower after a Green has been in it. Ewww....

  2. When will the Greens realise that their ideas simply don't hold water?

  3. Well certain northern Asian countries should have plenty of saved water, cause they also defecate in the shower, bet the greens would love to use those shower stalls!