Sunday, March 30, 2014

Work on Wednesday vs March in March

After that recent nationwide display of leftist incoherence and emotionalism known as March in March (MIM), blogger Tim Blair introduced the idea of Work on Wednesday (WOW). It was a tongue in cheek alternative to that unedifying collection of demos that, among other things, served as a reminder of how so many Aussies are actually making a meaningful political statement simply by earning a living.

What's interesting is how the Marchers have reacted to it. Not surprisingly they have returned fire collectively and homogenously -- almost as if they received instructions from some central authority (which I think was probably the case). They have been at pains to subvert the pro-capitalist campaign endorsed by WOW, sending numerous e-mails to Blair about how you can be a Worker as well as a Marcher. He has published many of these on his blog.

Some stark differences emerge: Firstly, MiM was grim, bolshie and humourless. WOW was witty in a deadpan way.

And did WOW inconvenience anybody? Did drivers have to take different routes because the streets were full of ranting loons, and were the plods called in at taxpayers' expense to make sure nothing got out of hand? No way. The demonstration was conducted quietly, and individually, without bringing attention to itself.

And would WOW try to actually hijack MIM? Sure, Workers couldn't have actually done so this time because the demos had already occurred. But if the chronology were reversed and WOW came before MIM, would Workers be attending the bolshie protests, trying to dominate proceedings? No way.

And have Workers and their supporters tried to do this online subsequently? Well, they've written some snarky blog posts and columns and mocked the Marchers on social media. But they haven't actually tried to overwhelm the movement or its legacy.

The same cannot be said of the Marchers. Just as they commandeered the streets, they are now trying to hijack WOW with their zombie-like e-mail campaign. Sooo leftist isn't it? They're never just happy for you to do your own thing. They always take massive, collective offense at conservative actions, rituals and establishments, then try to take them over.


  1. The Mimbies thought they could spin WoW to their own advantage. And I'm sure they're all congratulating each other on having taught MurdochMinion Blair a lesson.
    They sent a message! And the message was, We're full of our own significance and anyone who mocks us should be ashamed of themselves.
    Funny, but I'm not ashamed in the least.

  2. Tim is in a class by himself and brightens every day for many of us sane conservatives.
    You are right, the MIMs simply showed that, not satisfied with taking over the street on their marching day to make whatever obscure point they wanted to make, they want to take over Tim Blair's right to satirise what he finds funny, hypocritical, idiotic or what just takes his fancy.
    That's what he is paid to do ,does masterfully,and it would take more than the lot of those leftist marchers combined to worry Tim!
    I'm still laughing at them for exposing themselves to the rapier wit of Tim and many of his devotees, for a second dose of clever ridicule!
    Don't they have a single sense of humour amongst the lot of them?