Sunday, March 16, 2014

Perth March in March mystery: the bloke in the yellow sheet

Have you ever had an experience that was highly reminiscent of a thriller or horror movie that sent chills down your spine? You know, like waking up in the middle of the night and seeing some butt-fugly face staring at you? Frozen in horror, you were unable to breathe for what seemed like minutes until suddenly the hideous mug disappeared and you came to full consciousness ... Or maybe while stopped at a traffic light on a wet day you saw rain drops collecting on your window that spelled out the word "death". But no sooner had you apprehended this terrifying omen than it was scattered to oblivion by the windscreen wiper.

Yeah, well, I just experienced something similar ... kind of.

See, about an hour ago I was down at Langley Park for the start of Perth's March in March, intending to shoot some vids for YouTube.

Anyhoo, when I first arrived I took a shot with my phone. Tweeted it about twenty minutes ago. It was only after I did so that I noticed a most intriguing figure in it. He was a bloke in the crowd who seemed to be wearing nothing but thongs and a yellow sheet (or was it a towel?).

Now I find this very mysterious. Actually, I feel a bit like the David Hemmings character in the champion Antonioni flick Blow-Up. While developing shots from a fashion shoot, he realizes he may have inadvertently captured a murder.

Sure, nothing was murdered at this event except common sense. Still, shrouded figures are always fascinating. You've gotta wonder, who was this be-sheeted bloke?

He seemed to be a visitor from another dimension whose presence was deeply symbolic. But what did his sinister presence mean, exactly?

Hmm. Some of the protesters were chanting their desire to put Tony Abbott on a guillotine. Was he some kind of antipodean unionist version of Ingmar Burgman's Death character, perhaps?

If so, I'd say watch out Tony. Particularly if this same figure appears at the next Abbott presser.

Chilling. Truly chilling ...


  1. What's worn under the yellow bedsheet?
    Nothing. It's all in good working order. Boom-boom!

    Maybe it was Colin Barnett going undercover. So to speak.

    Amazing how quickly these folks have forgotten the Ruddlard disaster. If Kevin had fronted up and apologised for the deaths his pink batts fiasco caused the event might have had some value.

    1. Dunno if it was Barnett at the event ... Still, I think he might want to hide under a sheet the way things have been going with Buswell.

  2. Watch your back, Matt!
    Margo of Fairfax :"fame" (if such can be said to exist?!)is out after Tim Blair for his gall in writing humorously about the March in March and I'm sure she will be coming after you,in 3..2..1......., cos she declares she will always march till the government responds intelligently to 'their" demands....
    Mind you, Timbo has cornered the market cos he then commented that the Abbott government has responded by ignoring the lot of them and that's way intelligent--1st place Timbo and you come second!
    Keep making fun of fools, I say, I love it!

    1. No doubt about it, Tim Blair is the best mocker of leftist hypocrisy in Oz. So I'm honoured that you see me as his runner-up!

  3. The march was just a confidence trick cleverly designed to coincide with Billy Bragg’s Australian tour and boost attendance at his concerts and give his CD sales a boost. Those who attended the marches were merely dupes in a commercial enterprise.