Monday, March 24, 2014

Chris Kenny interviews Tim Jones about March in March

I always find the sight of lefties marching amusing. Most of these people are so stupid, they really don't have a clue what they're out there getting bolshie about!

It's usually much more of a tribal ritual -- a real "us and them" thing. It's their way of saying we're special. We're better than the rest of the country. We're more courageous, virtuous, compassionate, and thoughtful than those appalling proles.

Having been a long term denizen of Artsville -- a joint absolutely chockas with pompous pinkos -- I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all those claims are false. Lefties are overwhelmingly selfish, thick, cowardly and vicious. That's why the typical socialist demo is so incoherent. It's narcissism en masse.

And just as their collective actions are so often demonstrably meaningless, so are their individual motivations. Take this interview between Chris Kenny and March in March organizer Tim Jones.

Despite repeated requests from Kenny, Jones is unable to clearly lay out his agenda for the silly protest, other than general claims about politicians' lies. Bloke is fuming throughout much of it. That's so typical of the Left, too. They're always consumed by their emotions.

Couldn't help thinking how much Jones resembled a caricature of Joh Bjelke-Peterson. In this sketch, Marg Downey as Jana Wendt is baffled by the blathering Queenslander (played by Gerry Connolly).

Watch and you'll see. It's not dissimilar to Kenny's reaction to Jones. Yet another case of life imitating satire ...


  1. Gotta love the leftwits. When Kruddfuhrer made his appeal for 'kinder and gentler' they were so anxious to agree. Then they lost the election and the masks were off in a flash.

  2. As I said before. The march was just a confidence trick cleverly designed to coincide with Billy Bragg’s Australian tour and boost attendance at his concerts and give his CD sales a boost. Those who attended the marches were merely dupes in a commercial enterprise.

  3. I think Menai Pete is the sort of person your will blog attract, half witted conspiracy theorists....good luck :) Peter