Monday, December 2, 2013

Rise in shark attacks provokes talk of marine vigilantism

So interesting what's happening "down south" in the wake of these shark attacks ... There's a real feeling amongst locals that the WA Government has dragged its heels on this issue and that enough is enough. Angry watermen are saying it's time to take matters into their own hands.

Not quite sure what that entails. But I'm having visions of blokes on jet skis taking turns to patrol the line-up at Margs armed with sturdy harpoons. And maybe more personal protection is a possibility? I tell you, if anyone can design a wetsuit that includes a holster for a waterproof Luger they could be rolling in dough before too long.

Amazing that things have reached this level. Remember that most surfers are greenies at heart. You'll often hear them wax mystical about the bond they feel with Mother Nature when speeding through a smokin' barrel! And with the best breaks in this state hundreds of miles from the big smoke, West Aussie surfers tend to be greener than most. So, if they are considering taking an aggressively pro-active approach against their fellow sea creatures, well, they must be really pissed off.

It's a little like what's happening politically in European nations such as the Netherlands and Sweden. These havens of liberal tolerance are waking up to the fact that multi-culti has its limits. Having let in a toxic strain of militant Islamism, they are turning hard to the right.

Of course the parasitic Left, so attached to its poisonous policies, is not going to go without a fight. So the battle continues to rage on many fronts.

Similarly, here in the wild west the, er, shark-huggers are still demanding that we tolerate the intolerable. And things are finally drawing to a head. Won't be long before the first white pointer is pre-emptively terminated (with extreme prejudice) by a surfer. If he suffers a hefty fine or worse for his actions, all hell will break lose, I reckon!


  1. The big problem with terminating a White Pointer wherever the surfer was taken is that it may not be the one that snacked on the surfer. They are wanderers and the surfie muncher may now be snacking off seals a long way from where the surfer was taken.

    Call me callous but if you wander in the woods in remote Canada you are likely to end up as Grizzlie droppings, swim in the Adelaide River [NT] then you are likely to meet a Saltie so if you go where the big marine bighties are you stand a chance of ending up as dinner and you take the risk.

    My dear old dad had a professional fishing boat in Bass Strait and we are very familiar with these beasties and they are not particular what they bight.

    I feed sympathy for the relatives of anyone taken but not a great deal for someone who knowingly goes into danger and comes off second best. We are not the Alpha critters in that environment.

    And I am no Greenie.

    1. Yeah, I don't think there's anything that can be done to guarantee the safety of surfers and swimmers now. There are clearly many more hungry noahs out there than in decades past, and the ocean is just so vast of course. There will always be a risk.

      However I think a more proactive approach might decrease the odds of attack somewhat. If the gruesome deaths start to occur years apart as opposed to months that will be a good thing.

  2. War on the high seas between the Shark Cullers and the Peaceful Paddlers? ?

    1. Had forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder ...

      Such a battle would be very entertaining. And I wonder if any individuals have changed sides in recent months? That kind of attitudinal reconstruction would certainly qualify as a subversion of the dominant paradigm!