Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lefties are just cowardly bullies who can't think for themselves

Just a general thought on the sad, stunted psyche of your typical socialist: Isn't it fascinating how they become so fixated on individuals. Abbott Derangement Syndrome is a good example of this, as is the nasty way they gang up on and try to silence dissenting journalists like Andrew Bolt. It shows how utterly piss-weak they are. So funny to watch countless fulminating fluffy wuffies utterly apoplectic over the arguments of just one guy.

This is a key difference between the Left and normal, adult folk. Socialists are scared of individuals they can't control while everybody else (justifiably) fears hectoring packs of primitive idiots (namely lefties) who are trying to control them.

And just as your typical brimming bolshie loves nothing more than joining a baying pack of fellow ferals bent on isolating and intimidating individuals into compliance (or, failing that, silence) he is just as likely to dutifully obey the crazed dictates of a narcissistic, domineering individual.

Look at their well documented tendency to laud "charismatic" leaders like Gough Whitlam, Bob Brown and Fidel Castro. That seems paradoxical at first, but when you ponder just how totally lacking in inner courage and principle they are it make perfect sense. They can't think for themselves and therefore look to a single source of authority to do all their thinking for them.

Basically, the poor creatures are barely sentient cowards. And as we all know, a coward is always the worst kind of bully when he gets the chance.


  1. Which rather too obviously proves the point. Come on, Matt! You think we can't spot it when you troll your own blog?

  2. Look, surely this post serves as evidence for an equally critical view of the Right - that 'Rightists attack the (straw) man, not the ideas.' How many leftists in Australia are genuine socialists anymore? Didn't Bob Hawke put that notion to rest in the seventies as ACTU President?

    And do you think there's a lick of difference between the Australian left's idolisation of Whitlam and the right's views of Reagan and Thatcher? I mean, there's nothing wrong with recognizing talent and greatness in a person. Many leftists feel that way about Churchill even though he was a Tory.

    I agree that many on the left do tend to demonize people on the opposite side of politics. I'm no fan of Abbott, but I don't pretend he's a monster, or deliberately scheming to hurt people. That's a mistake many leftists, I'll admit, do make. But to pretend that the Right don't do the same with ALP politicians is just wilful blindness. I mean, c'mon - did you miss the vitriol directed at Gillard by right-wing protesters and various shock-jocks?

    1. Neither a protester nor a shock-jock, Frank. But I did my bit.
      The key point about the criticism of Jooolya is this: she earnt it.
      Wriggling away from difficult questions with 'young and naive'. Attacking Tony Abbott in her misogyny rant when the man she was defending had displayed a true contempt for women.
      And always the victim. When something went wrong the blame landed anywhere except on La Gillard's plate.
      'How many leftists are genuine socialists anymore?' Well, most of them never were I daresay. They just reaped the benefits of the capitalist system while slagging it off - and carefully avoiding any plane bound for North Korea.

  3. What Gregoryno6 said and in spades!

  4. Yawn. Matt Hayden, stumbled upon your blog unfortunately. You aren't very smart are you. Same old rhetoric, thoughtless and boring. Get a life

  5. Matt - I knew you when you flunked out of school, and I actually defended you when you were being bullied. You were weak and a bit insecure and everyone sensed that fear in you. I am sad that you have turned into one of the gutless bullies that you once derided. I'm surprised that you have grown so little as a human being, that you have this sad little hate blog. I am sorry for you, mate, and a bit disappointed

    1. Hello Mr Anonymous. Thanks for your intriguing contribution.

      I'm really interested in your comment about me flunking out of school, being bullied and you defending me. All these things are news to me.

      Please elaborate on these claims with more details to prove their veracity and also include your name so that I know who you are. If you refuse to do these things then all you'll be doing is proving my point -- that being that lefties are skulking jellybacks who are emboldened by the feeling of security they get in a ranting pack, or -- as in your case -- by hiding behind the cover of anonymity when trolling people's blogs.