Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Protestor Simon Peterffy thinks it's all about him

Simon Peterffy, one of the three stooges who boarded that Japanese whaling ship a few months back, is in the news again:

On Monday he was given a suspended jail term for bursting into the offices of Western Australia's Forest Products Commission last year and throwing rancid butter.

And why did he do something so obnoxious and puerile? To "get his message across", apparently.

Makes you wonder what's going on in that tiny brain of his. Hell, if he wanted to get his message across then why not write letters to the papers, or even start a blog?

Anyway, it's not like the deep green meta-message about the planet's impending doom hasn't been heard. Hell, everyone in the Western world has had it rammed down their necks daily for the last coupla decades. We all know what it is, and we've had a bloody gutful of it. We're also heartily sick of all those micro-messages about protecting native forests, saving the whales and the numbats, etc. 

Guys, we know what you're angry about, okay!

So why do the likes of Peterffy choose to be so consistently obnoxious and annoying -- a tactic that is clearly counter-productive? (Witness how their alarmist shrieking has turned so many people against the carbon tax, for example.)

Clearly, they're not remotely interested in communication. I don't even think that deep down they're serious about achieving their stated goals. Frankly, I doubt they give a numbat's arse about the fate of the forests.

The main reason they keep performing these stupid stunts is to get their ugly mugs in the papers. They're like those tragic has (and never) beens who go on reality TV shows. They just want instant ego-gratification, that's all.


  1. "Frankly, I doubt they give a numbat's arse about the fate of the forests."

    They don't. It's all about bringing down capitalism. So we can live in a socialist utopia. Like North Korea.

  2. Yeah. And that country, like the former Soviet Union and other leftist "utopias", has a truly abysmal record on environmental management.

  3. But isnt China a communist country you wankers... the best performing economy in the world, most growth etc. The huge amount of interest in your blog shows how much people are interested in your right wing bullshit.

  4. You should give thanks for those like Simon Peterffy...because they do give a Numbats arse about YOURS and YOUR childrens future... they don't sit around dinner tables discussing the woes of the forest they walk their talk...What are YOU doing about the destruction of Mother Earth and the beings that reside... NOTHING... just blab blab...